Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drowning Pumpkins

My friend Rick and I spent some time discussing the fact that there are still a number of people who are not deterred from climbing Mt. Everest by a small thing like the high probability of death. When there are numerous other activities one might engage in for fun and sport, it makes one wonder what people are about. Are we bored? Stubborn? Ahem...insane?

Then a few days ago, I was drawn to the ABC news site where I watched a clip about underwater pumpkin-carving. The interview subject said it's quite challenging since pumpkins float. Some divers actually weigh the pumpkins down in order to get them to stay underwater for the carving. (Delay from typing as I contemplate this and laugh...again.) Do these poor divers lack kitchen tables? Perhaps we should start a fund.

So, I'm just curious...does it strike anyone else that we are a staggeringly silly species?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holiday Books Recommendations - Mystery

Several wonderful friends have asked if my books will be available this year in time for Christmas. Unfortunately no. In the meantime, I see no reason that I can't try to influence your book-buying, since some of you asked...

Christine Goff combines two great ways to spend time, reading and birdwatching. (And doesn't she have beautiful covers?) This terrific series also has a scene that references The In-laws, a favorite movie of mine. Isn't Peter Falk awesome?

Susan Goodwill's book is fun and light with numerous laugh out loud moments and quirky characters. Fans of NYT-bestselling author Jennifer Crusie will enjoy it. Susan's new book will be out in spring, so now is a great time to get introduced to this series.

John Getze's book is just as cool and funny as he is. Austin Carr is the sort of hero you have to shake your head at while rooting for him to survive his adventures. I loved this book, and it was the first book my dad has liked as much as Lawrence Block and Janet Evanovich.

Nancy Pickard's early works are absolutely terrific. I could not put down her novel, The Whole Truth. But this latest book, The Virgin of Small Plains is actually superior. Don't talented and skilled authors who get even better with time, amaze you? They do me. Tami Hoag's like that. Anyway, Virgin transcends the genre and is at once literary and suspenseful. It's a title that should not be missed.

Anyone who knows these books are welcomed to comment (including the authors :) ) And if you've got other literary suggestions those are welcome too. In the next couple weeks, I'm going to post some of my favorite titles for romance, young adult, fantasy, and literary.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pain in the Neck

"It is great to be a blonde. With low expectations it's easy to surprise people." Pamela Anderson

As I take a break from my studies, I would really like to encounter some wonderful news and entertainment on the internet during breaks. Instead, I am quite annoyed to find that the world is much as I left it. With the exception of the pleasant news about Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize. (A 35-year-old died and many other runners were taken the to the hospital from heat-related illness during the Chicago marathon. As most people who stepped outside last week can attest, it's safe to assume that global warming is real.)

Top 5 questions that I would like answered this week...

1. Why does Pamela Anderson have a novel?
2. Why isn't an ethics course required for people who have the most powerful jobs in world?
3. Why doesn't anyone feed Victoria Beckham?
4. Why do Borders coupons expire so quickly?
5. How does one escape news of Britney Spears?

If you have any or all of the answers to the above-mentioned questions, please know that I will be extremely grateful to see your response in the comments section. Thank you & have a wonderful day. :)

Kissing the Suspect Release!

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