Monday, August 31, 2009

Release Day on the Cyber Road

Today I'm guest-blogging (and giving away a copy of Barely Bewitched)
at Fang-tastic Books where my post will be all about my favorite ocelot, Mercutio.

Parapalooza - Winners Day 6 & 7

The Day 6 winner is Cait045

The Day 7 winner is Shel


And thank you, everyone, so much for being part of Parapalooza. It was great fun seeing you and reading all your wonderful and creative answers this week!


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Southern Witch series Quote of the Day

"Georgia Sue's voice on the answering machine kept going. I love her dearly, but she's the sort of person who can't see why anyone would say in one sentence what could be said just as well in three." ~ Tammy Jo on her best friend.

* * *

Kim Lenox writes a historical paranormal series set in Victorian times, and I swear that when you read her books, you'll feel like you're there. In Night Falls Darkly, the first in her Shadow Guard series, the powerful immortal hunters are on the trail of Jack the Ripper, and Kim creates a very interesting explanation for why the Ripper might have disappeared without a trace. As a reader, I really love when an author bends reality to create something original and fresh for me to think about.

I recently asked Kim what her most creative solution to writer's block is, and here's what she had to say:

"My most creative solution for writer's block while writing So Still the Night was to pull out my publisher contracts and emails from readers who had enjoyed Night Falls Darkly. They gave me the mental and emotional boost I needed to get back in the saddle, and give my very best, most enthusiastic effort." ~ Kim Lenox

I thought this was very clever of Kim--to look at the physical reminders of what we as authors promise. We've promised our publishers that we'll turn in a book, and if we've promised our readers an entertaining read. It's always good to remember what we're trying to do as we try to do it. ;)

Although her novels have a darker tone, I feel compelled to point out that Kim has a wonderful sense of humor. When she first got her cover for Night Falls Darkly, she sent it out to our local writing chapter's loop with a note that said something like, "Boy that wind in London is something. It blew the buttons right off Archer's shirt." LOL I just adore Kim and her books, and I bet you will too!

Visit Kim at:

* * *
In this installment of Kerrelyn's Love at Stakes series, a vampire with a temper has to go to anger management classes. (Hee hee hee.)

Vanda the vampire never expects a mortal to be able to handle her, but sexy Phil Jones has a secret. As a shape-shifter, he can hold his own against just about anyone. When these two face off, the sparks fly. If you haven't seen the book trailer for this novel, go to Kerrelyn's home page now and click on the first trailer to watch it. It's great!

I also couldn't resist putting in this photo (that I snagged from Kim Lenox's blog) of Kerrelyn in a purple hat at a reader tea/book signing event. I love it. The look is sort of "lovely creative genius meets the Count of Monte Cristo," and like most things, Kerrelyn pulls it off brilliantly.

* * *
I think you can tell from the posts I've written this week that I value my friendships with the wonderful writers that I've been fortunate enough to meet so far in my career. It's what inspired the idea for this big contest giveaway, and it's what inspired today's question.

If you'd like to win signed copies of Barely Bewitched, Night Falls Darkly by Kim Lenox, and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks, please drop by in the comments and answer the following question:

1.) What character from a book or movie would you like to be friends with and why?

Parapalooza - Day 5 Winner

The Day 5 Winner is throuthehaze.
(I have your e-mail from your post, so I'll send you an e-mail to
get your snailmail address to send the books.)

Congratulations, Througthehaze!


Southern Witch series Quote of the Day:

"All I needed was to drive the werewolves off, find Edie, cure Zach, and get a new job. Piece of cake. Well, a five-layer, two-days-in-the-making, and every-pan-in-the-kitchen-dirty Death By Chocolate Cake maybe."

* * *

I know several things about Dakota Cassidy.

First, she looks fabulous in a little black dress. (I met her very, very briefly at a cocktail party in Dallas)

Second, she's very generous. I'm pretty sure she was crazy busy with her own writing when my editor asked her if she'd be willing to read a book by a new author for a possible cover quote.

Third, she's got a great wry, self-deprecating humor that makes you want to have a million margaritas with her.

When I asked if her: "If you were a song from the 80's which would you be?" here's what she said...

"I'd like to say Like a Virgin is the song I'd be from the 80s, but that'd be a total lie. 'Cause I was no virgin. So I've decided on Let It Whip. See, I'm old--all my body parts whip around in one way or the other. :)"

I crack up every time I read that quote, and every time I read one of her books. She's great! Visit Dakota at

* * *

Wonderfully talented, Sharie Kohler (who I've had margaritas with!) writes great paranormals under her name and fabulous bestselling historical romances under the pen name Sophie Jordan.

Recently, I asked Sharie which is her favorite villain from her books. Here's what she said:

"As a favorite villain, I would have to chose Darius from MARKED BY MOONLIGHT ... but then, I've begun to reform that naughty werewolf. He's destined to be the hero of his own book soon. Hmm, how about Jonah from my current release, TO CRAVE A BLOOD MOON? He's a pretty bad half-werewolf dude who actually tries to "off" the hero and heroine of TO CRAVE A BLOOD MOON. But hey, he has his reasons! ;) Actually both Darius and Jonah are reform-worthy. Personally, I believe the best villains are never all bad ... a great villain is always redeemable. You be the judge. Check out my series and let me know if villains Darius and Jonah are heroes in the making."

You can visit Sharie at:

* * *

If you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched, a copy of The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy, and an autographed copy of Marked By Moonlight by Sharie Kohler, please drop by in the comments and answer a one of the following questions:

1.) Who's your favorite shapeshifter?


2.) Who's your favorite fictional villain?

Parapalooza - Day 4 Winner

Mary D is the Day 4 Winner! Congratulations, Mary. :)
I'll e-mail you to get your snail-mail address.

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More Me & More Free - Upcoming


September 1, 2009

It's the Barely Bewitched Release Day, and I'll be visiting the wonderful review site Fang-tastic Books. If you come and comment, you can win a copy of Barely Bewitched!

September 2, 2009

I'll be a guest at the fantastic paranormal book review site Bitten By Books. I'd be giving away prizes (including Barely Bewitched, other authors' books, B&N gift cards, and the sexy witch figure you see below). The site awards prizes based on points you earn, so if you plan to attend the event, go and comment as an RSVP to earn more points. The link is:

Friday, August 28, 2009


Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day

"And how come the Glenfiddle workers remembered me splashing them with the passionflower potion? Weren't these potions supposed to cause at least a little bit of amnesia? I mean how was a witch supposed to spell-cast without getting caught?" ~ Tammy Jo, realizing that when she rescues people from monsters, she needs to be sneaky about it.

Life as a witch is so complicated!

* * *

Maria Lima is a terrific cyber-friend that I met at my friend Nancy Pickard's blog awhile ago. Maria writes a wonderful series of paranormal books (the Blood Lines series) that are set in Texas and are packed with mystery. How could I not love them?

Here's the first line from Matters of the Blood: "I know the dead, and the dead know me. Not a personal choice, mind you, just the result of being born into a family of necromancers." Maria hooked me with that opening and pulled me through the rest of her story, which is just as great.

Recently, I hit Maria with my "music question," and here's what she had to say:

"If I were a song from the 80s or 90s, I would be...The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk3 because I'm the ultimate optimist in many ways. One of my favorite lines from the song: 'Things are going great, and they're only getting better.' Despite the daily craziness of life, I try to see a silver lining in everything. Who'd have thought that my first book, Matters of the Blood, would have been reborn so many times and now by one of the top New York houses. I'm gobsmacked! Hand me those Raybans, 'k?" ~ Maria Lima

Visit Maria at

* * *

On Parapalooza Day 3, I told you how much I adore Kerrelyn Sparks and her books. One thing in particular that I admire about Kerrelyn's stories are the fun premises. Vamps and the City is a about a female TV producer who's part of a vampire harem. She starts a reality show where humans compete against vampires, and she needs a vampire contestant to win. Too bad she's falling for the sexy human contestant, Austin. (It's also too bad that he's a vampire slayer! It's Buffy & Angel in reverse). Now tell me you don't love that!

Here's what Kerrelyn has to say about mixed marriages between humans and the undead...

"Vampires make the best husbands. They never snore; they never expect you to cook, and while they're asleep all day, you have free access to their credit cards." ~ Kerrelyn Sparks

Visit Kerrelyn at:

If you'd like to win autographed copies of Barely Bewitched, Matters of the Blood by Maria Lima, and Vamps and the City by NYT-bestselling Kerrelyn Sparks, please drop by in the comments and answer the following question:

If you could marry and have kids with any kind of supernatural creature, would you? And which creature would you pick?

Parapalooza - Day 3 Winner

I decided that we needed more pictures of the Spike action figure, because can a paranormal blog ever have too much Spike?

Witchy Woman is our Day 3 winner. Congratulations WW!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Day of the Dieties?

Today's a young adult-friendly day! Tera Lynn Childs is a young adult author, Kelly McCullough's hero, Ravirn, is in college, and I know that I've got some teen readers of the Southern Witch series!

Also interestingly, both Tera's OMG series and Kelly's WebMage series feature Greek gods. So far, no Greek gods have turned up in the Southern Witch series...but you just never know when one might.

* * *

Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day

"Hey there, God. It's me again. Tammy Jo. I guess you've probably seen what's going on here in Duvall, but in case you've been too busy in some other part of the world to notice, I have to mention that I've kind of brought on an accidental Armageddon down here." She paused. "Yep. Sorry about that."

* * *

In addition to being a super talented Young Adult author, Tera Lynn Childs's one of the best road trip passengers of all time. If you scan back through my blogposts, you'll probably find a tale of our misadventures in Austin. (All I'm gonna say is: Down with rain and flat tires. Up with cupcakes!)

I recently asked Tera if she could hang out with a Greek god, who would she choose? Here's what she said:

"If I could hang out with a Greek god it would be Athena because she is the whole package. She's a jock with a brain, combining wisdom and competitive athletic ability with a patronage of the arts and industry. If she were a character in one of my books, she'd be the student body president, captain of the soccer team, and a blue ribbon-winning artist. What college wouldn't recruit her? As long as she wasn't too much of a know-it-all I think she'd be great fun to be around." - Tera Lynn Childs

I'd like to hang out with Athena, too. Although Apollo's beautiful, and Ares is the ultimate bad boy so hanging with him could be exciting as well. (Kimber thinking...) One thing I can say is that I'd hang with any of the Greek gods (yes, even Hades) if I knew Tera was going to be there because we always have hilarious adventures together.

* * *

Kelly McCullough and I are the best of cyberbuddies. We met in the comments of a our wonderful friend Nancy Pickard's blog, and Kelly and I sparked a friendship. Once we were each sprinting toward the finish of our respective novels and after we finished, we cyber-celebrated with Nancy & our other friends at her place. (Such good times!)

Of course, any friendship doe have its limits. When Kelly tried to rise up against the cats who own him, I was forced to be the cat's representative. Of course, it wasn't my fault that I had to side with the United Feline Overlords (a.k.a. UFO) because as most cat owners know, the UFO collective is secretly in charge of the world. Anyway, Kelly's books are great. Hercules meets Hackers, I say. When I asked him what song he'd be from the 80s or 90s, he said...

"If I were a song from the 80s or 90s, I would be Nowhere Fast by Fire Inc. from the Streets of Fire soundtrack because it's exactly the right mix of blazingly fast, unrepentantly silly, and deadly serious. Oh, and it really rocks." ~ Kelly McCullough

Kelly definitely rocks, too!

If you'd like to visit Tera at her site, you can find her at And if you'd like to visit Kelly at his site, you can find him at

If you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series, an autographed copy of Oh.My.Gods by Tera Lynn Childs, and a copy of Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough, please drop by in the comments and answer this:

1.) If you were a descendent of a Greek god who would it be?

Parapalooza - Day 2 Winner

Here's the Spike doll I told you guys about in the comments of the Day 3 post. The Spike action figure has removable goggle-glasses and comes with a kitten (remember the demon card game?), a chalice, and Giles's "Kiss the Librarian" coffee cup. The cup's filled with blood (and a cinnamon stick or something) as it was when Spike was sleeping on the couch at Giles's.

Day 2's winner is Brandy W. Congratulations Brandy!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day:

"Hey, watch those paws. Remember you're not a tabby. With jungle cat strength comes jungle cat responsibilities."
~ Tammy Jo to Mercutio

* * *

Okay, I just adore Kerrelyn Sparks, so expect to see more of her later in the week. For those who don't know, Kerrelyn Sparks writes the fantastic "Love At Stakes" series of humorous vampire romances. And she doesn't just write them great, she writes them fast, often delivering more than one book a year! She's amazing, so I was very interested in hearing about her process. Here's what she had to say on the subject of writing:

"When I've completed a book, I adore writing! When I'm starting a book, I suddenly develop an interest in laundry." ~ Kerrelyn Sparks

(Hee hee hee. I love that quote!)

Kerrelyn went on to admit that she's "a lazy slug" at the beginning of each story because she writes character-driven books, and it takes her time to get to know the characters. "I don't fill out charts or personality profiles for them because that would be too logical," Kerrelyn joked. Instead she lives her life while the characters grow in her head. A book's first hundred pages might take her six weeks to write, but once she knows the characters, she writes faster and faster to the end. The last hundred pages may be written in a week.

As a reader, finding a great writer like Kerrelyn who's prolific is always a treat because don't you always want to say to your favorite author... "Write faster!" I know I do.

And Kerrelyn's not the only person in the Sparks family who has a vision of Kerrelyn's characters. Her daughter did some creating of her own by "vamping up" her Barbie Dolls. Check out the video of Kerrelyn showing off her daughter's handiwork at Vamp Dolls Vid. Also, go visit Kerrelyn's site at

* * *

And speaking of prolific writers whom I adore, let's talk about Annette Blair. When I joined the publisher's author loop (a place where the writers can talk to each other), she was one of the first people to welcome me and has continued to be wonderful and warm to me and to everyone else. She's also fabulously talented. If I had witch powers, I'd pop myself over to the East Coast to have coffee or tea with her because I just know that would be a delightful experience.

My question for Annette: I love it when characters from one series pop up in another unexpectedly. It's a little nod to the author's most loyal fans, who know all the characters that came before. Is it true that you've got some "guest appearances" in your upcoming novels?

"Yes. In my new Works Like Magic novels, my heroes come from parallel places and times. They're magical supernatural ancients who are able to cross into present-day Salem where they can interact with my witches. Melody from The Kitchen Witch shows up in Naked Dragon (1/2010). Kira from My Favorite Witch will show up in Bedeviled Angel (8/2010). Also, Reggie, a minor character from Sex and the Psychic Witch, will be the heroine in the third Works Like Magic novel which is about a time-traveling pirate who comes back to Paxton Island for buried treasure." ~ Annette Blair

Ancient supernatural hunks? Time-traveling pirates? Plus witches? I am SO there!! To visit Annette at her site, go to

* * *

If you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched, an autographed copy of Secret Life of a Vampire by NYT-bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks, and a copy of The Kitchen Witch by bestselling author Annette Blair, please drop by in the comments and answer one or both of the following:

1.) What fictional character would you like to see made into a doll?


2.) If you could take a character from a TV show or movie and drop him (or her) into a different show for a guest appearance who would it be and where would you put him?

(For example, I might like to see Dr. Who drop into an episode of Psych. LOL I crack up just thinking about Gus's reaction to that.)

Rocking Parapalooza Day 2

Wow. You guys ROCKED again today, and there's so much I want to say that I have to do an entire post in between the posts.

Okay, first off, so many people wanted to help other people. I love that. You guys are awesome!

Now to Robert, whom I believe said he'll "maybe put someone else in charge. Cats, I think." I wanted to let you know that I believe the cats are already secretly in charge. I checked with Mercutio, and he confirmed it. (Also, this topic of cats ruling the world will be covered a bit more in a later post when I giveaway a book by my friend Kelly McCullough somewhere around Parapalooza Day 4.)

Also, Mercutio approved of the icon of Calvin & Hobbs. As it turns out, RK, I am not related to Jeaniene Frost, but her books are great and I think she's got a great last name. ;)

Hugs back to you, Jillena (and to everyone).

To those who want the time-travel powers, I wanted to say that I want them, too. I'd use them to go back in time to steal Jamie from Claire. (Don't get me wrong. I think Claire's great. I'd love to hang out with her. But the minute she left the room, I'd spike Jamie's whiskey and into a magical duffel bag he goes. C'mon who's with me?)

Other great comments... reading minds to win at poker --LOL Excellent. Wanting to be called "The Asthma Witch" while healing people -- fantastic.

To Nancy who wants to catch Jacker the Ripper. First of all, go get him, girl. He deserves to pay. And second, I've actually got a book you'll be interested in. It's a historical paranormal by my friend Kim Lenox. I'm going to be giving it away later in the week, somewhere around Parapalooza Day 6.

To those who want to read minds. Boy, are you brave! Some people are scary. I don't want to know more about what they're thinking.

Now, it could be lack of sleep, but I actually started wanting to combine the magic powers. Like I want Sweet Vernal's pet dragon on my shoulder so the dragon can direct someone else's flying falcons to do my laundry. I want the power of persuasion so that I can bring about world peace. I want to ride a unicorn into the heart of a hurricane and cast a spell to stop it. And I'd take the power to clone myself so I could fight terrorists in one part of the world at the same time I was doing a book signing in another part. Or I'd sport a Jennifer Aniston bod while driving my hybrid Bentley that could teleport me anywhere in the world ;) ...Okay, so I'm getting carried away.

I wanted to say that I think Ally's right; working for goals makes achieving them all the sweeter, and there is usually "fine print" on magical spells--at least in my series, magic has a price (often it's funny, but sometimes it's scary.)

Anyway, thank you to EVERYONE who commented. I loved all the comments, and I'll draw a winner and post it tomorrow.

Sleep tight, parapalooza peeps!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day:

"I don't know why people pay for rental cars when so many friends and family members just leave their keys lying around unattended."
~ Tammy Jo Trask, whose car is often misplaced.

* * *

NYT bestselling author Nina Bangs writes awesome sexy, funny paranormal romances, but she didn't always know that she would become a writer. When asked in an interview what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said:

"I wasn't so practical when I was young. I wanted to ride horses. I wasn't too clear on the concept of how I'd manage that, but I was open to suggestions."

Don't you just love that? Amazingly, she went on to raise and show Arabians for a few years. So apparently Nina's good at turning all kinds of dreams into reality. I'm taking notes! (To learn more about Nina's terrific books, visit her site -

* * *

Another author whose work I love is Alyssa Day. She writes about the lost city of Atlantis (which I know existed and am fascinated by) and the incredibly sexy Warriors of Poseidon-- c'mon, who wouldn't love buff boys from the deep blue sea who are on a mission and fall in love along the way? Clearly most people do love them since Alyssa hit the New York Times Bestseller list with her latest release. (Hurray! People have such good taste.)

Now, I could envy Alyssa because she's beautiful, talented, and because she has her own sea-faring warrior (in the form of her husband who's in the Navy), but I don't envy her those things. What I'm actually sea-weed green with envy over is her new author portrait that she unveiled on her blog on August 20th. I too want a live-in artist who will illustrate scenes from my books and my life. I'll hold a trident, an ocelot, or even hunky warrior if it's absolutely necessary.

If you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series, an autographed copy of A Taste of Darkness by Nina Bangs, and a copy of Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day, then please drop by in the comments and answer the following:

If you had magical powers, which of your dreams would you make come true?

Parapalooza - Day 1 Winner

Okay through a very complicated process that involved two Aruban coin tosses and then pulling numbers from a small plastic bag, we have a Parapalooza Day 1 winner!

Patti (of the "Book Addict" & "Sleepless in New Orleans" blogs), please e-mail me through my website to claim your books. (Or post your e-mail in the comments of this post)

And we're moving into Parapalooza - Day 2.
See you in the new comments section!


Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day:

"I'd never kill anyone with hair that fabulous."
~ Rollie the vampire

* * *

Gerry Bartlett writes a terrific humorous paranormal series featuring a beautiful full-figured vampire. Here's what Gerry has to say about becoming one of the undead herself...

Since you write about vampires, if you had the choice, would you want to be one?

"Lots to consider here. First, my heroine, Glory St. Clair, was turned when she had a few extra pounds to lose and then she was stuck like that. So first, I’d have to diet down to a perfect weight. And that’s obviously not going to happen. I have the self-control of a mosquito in a nudist colony. Then there’s the whole liquid diet thing. Sorry, but I love my food too much to give it up. What fun is it to live forever without steak and a baked potato? Not to mention chocolate truffles. I have to have crunch in my diet too, just like my heroine. She suffers just to taste the occasional Cheeto.

On the serious side, the immortality thing is a big deal. If I were given the option, I wouldn’t want to be turned vampire. No way. Not unless everyone I know and loved would live forever too. I can’t imagine watching them die while I lived on. There could be nothing worse.

Hey, this is getting way too gloomy now. In REAL VAMPIRES HATE THEIR THIGHS, coming in February, Glory has her pick between two hot guys. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I write fiction, folks. And there’s nothing more fun than escaping into a book where all your dreams can come true. So, sure, I’d live and look young forever. I’d have hot guys at my feet and elsewhere, if you get my drift. And figure out a way to eat too. If I’m writing this story, then I can make it happen. Right?" ~ Gerry Bartlett

Hee Hee Hee. Yeah, there's a reason I love Gerry & Glory. Now if you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series (and Book 1 Would-Be Witch, if you don't have it) and an autographed copy of the first book in Gerry's series (Real Vampires Have Curves), please pop into the comments and tell us whether you'd like to be a vampire or not.

P.S. If you'd like to visit Gerry's site, you can find her at

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parapalooza in 2 days!

While I was busy writing the next book in the series, the Barely Bewitched release date (September 1st) was lurking around the corner and is now ready to pounce like a cat...well like an ocelot. In Book 2 of the Southern Witch series, Tammy Jo Trask returns with bigger adventures, more romance, and much bigger hair. Texas-sized hair extensions, you ask? Why no. It's magic. Well, a magical cover artist anyway. Maybe he'd like to work in Duvall at Johnny's hair salon. I'll have to check with Berkley about that...

Anyway, in honor of going from being a debut novelist to a multi-published novelist this year, I'm hosting my first-ever contest. Right here. Beginning on Tuesday 8/25/09 for seven straight (or twisted) days. I'll be giving away copies of BARELY BEWITCHED (& WOULD-BE WITCH if you missed Book 1) as well as copies of other fabulous paranormals. All you have to do is show up and comment for a chance to win.

Let the partypalooza begin!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keeping It Weird in Austin

Do you know Austin, Texas's unofficial slogan?

I love that! Love it, and it fits. There's a guy selling cupcakes out of a trailer in the middle of an empty lot. There's bat-watching from the bridge (I swear those rabies shots are totally painless), and I've spotted some twenty-somethings sporting dreadlocks, making me wonder just what they and Robert Pattinson have against combing their hair. (Not that I'm anti-Pattinson. I just liked his hair better in Goblet, you know?)

Anyway, I'm going to try to stay weird this weekend at Armadillocon 31, a science fiction & fantasy literary conference. So if you live in Austin and want to try to talk me into dreadlocks, wander over to the DoubleTree hotel. We can discuss that along with Hollywood hair gel experiments gone wrong and which books we love and which we'd love to forget.

Here's a place to check out who'll be where and when: DilloCon31

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Soap Lady

Today I was at a presentation for writers, and the presenter was sharing anecdotes. She mentioned that for a time there was a rather prolific reader who devoured romance novels and, if she found any profanity in a story, would write a letter to the author threatening to send them a bar of soap to wash out their mouths.

At today's presentation, there were a couple of published authors in the audience who had received these poisoned pen letters. But it has apparently been some time since anyone has heard from The Soap Lady. Obviously she was very passionate in her mission to rid the world of profanity. This, of course, made the mystery fan in me wonder: what happened to her?

Did she:

1.) Give up on her quest to sanitize literature's language?

2.) Move to another genre of books?

3.) Go to a Tarantino movie and die of shock?

Have a great weekend,
Kimber the Curious

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tammy's First Kiss

My friend TJ Bennett asked me to do a guest blog spot over at her place, and each month she does a theme. This month it's "This Kiss, This Kiss" of Faith Hill fame. Since I knew the story of Tammy Jo's first kiss, I decided to write it. (Because the passage was a bit to long, I cut it down and the original longer version will be published on my website at some future date.)

For now though, for an exclusive look at the excerpted first kiss scene (and for a chance to win a copy of Would-Be Witch), visit TJ's Blog In My Humble Opinion on August 5th.

Also, do check back here. I'll be running a mega-contest at the end of August in preparation for the September 1st release of Barely Bewitched!

Kissing the Suspect Release!

Chapter 1 Callie Melville was wanted by the law, but to put it that way made things sound worse than they were. She hoped. The rumors...