Monday, May 4, 2009

Purple Haze

(This slightly surreal photograph is one that I altered to create the
purple effects. I'm posting it in honor of my yesterday's
drive-time adventure.)
Today I'm in Oakmont, Pennsylvania for the Festival of Mystery. (Yay!) It's drizzling, and naturally I didn't pack an umbrella since I had about fifty pounds of bookmarks and brochures. What was I thinking!? Anyway, the drive from the Pittsburgh airport was especially interesting. Like the rest of America, Pittsburgh roadways are under construction, and at one point the orange cones seemed to imply that the expressway ended completely and where it did, we'd be forced to exit.
Since I was armed only with my Mapquest directions, I was not in favor of a detour. Then, as if I was in a CS Lewis novel, the cars in front of me magically continued on the expressway. I really couldn't see how they did it, but I decided that if I had to mow down a few cones, it was better than getting hopelessly lost. Fortunately, it was just an optical illusion. The curve in the road had made it impossible to see that the lane continued. I thought: They really needed a sign a mile back to say that we didn't have to exit. Then, about fifteen feet after the transition, there was a sign that said, "Stay in Lane." Um, thanks. I believe I will?!...(sighing)...Better late than never I suppose.
The silver lining is that the people in Pennsylvania are wonderfully friendly, which makes it a such a pleasure to visit here. Random factoid... I was staying in a hotel just outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania when I began writing Would-Be Witch. Hmm. Tammy Jo's a pastry chef and chocolatier...coincidence?

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