Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life Lessons from Luna...

I remember when my brother and I were reading the Harry Potter series, we both loved the adorably odd Luna Lovegood, so I was delighted to find her well cast and a fun focal point of the recent Potter movies.

The thing I love about her in the films is that despite being a little bizarre, she often strikes at the heart of the truth in the dire world of magic, giving Harry the advice he needs when he needs it. She is also wonderfully oblivious to other people's opinions, even the Ministry of Magic's. She marches contentedly to the beat of her own drum, while wearing some crazy "Fashion Don'ts"...which of course makes me like her all the more. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spotted: Tink in Captivity

Spotted: One of the minor fae in captivity.

This young faery, who sometimes goes by the name Tinker Bell, was seen trying to get out into the rain. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, she reported: "For the record, faeries do not live in townhouses, bungalows, and especially not skyscrapers in congested cities. True fae, in fact, do not live indoors at all, only underhill, and [she] was just coming inside for some honey and cookies when an annoying human closed a window."

Hmm, sorry about that, and about occasionally misrepresenting the fae in books. It's just that research is tough because our paths don't cross all that often when creatures of the twilight live outdoors and most human authors do not. (The good news is that my backyard looks more wild every day, so I should have some wee folk out there soon to interview for research purposes.)

Hope everyone's doing great this week, and I wonder: Do you have a favorite fae legend?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Fairy Muse" by Linda Ravenscroft

I just had tea with my friend Laura, and, knowing that the fae play a big role in BARELY BEWITCHED, she brought me a fantastic gift. It's a book called ENCHANTED by Linda Ravenscroft. For anyone who likes fairy stuff, Ms. Ravenscroft's work is beautiful.

Here's the link to her website:

Meanwhile, the Labor Day weekend's kicking off. I've got a book signing this weekend at Katy Budget Books that I'm looking forward to.

What about you guys?
Are you traveling?
Are you planning to read, and, if so, what?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomorrow (9/2/09) - 2 Events!

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Kissing the Suspect Release!

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