Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomorrow (9/2/09) - 2 Events!

Kimber Live!

In Person - Discussing the Southern Witch series and Signing Books!

6:30 P.M on 9/2/09

2342 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 524-8597


Tomorrow in CyberSpace!

Learn what I think Bryn's theme song might be + other Kimber musings at:

Visit BittenByBooks.com to...

read my interview and...

win prizes like a Bevy of Witches!

(Also giving away Barnes & Noble gift cards and a stack of books!)


Estefanie said...

Can't hardly wait for tomorrow! Congrats again Kimberly on your new release, Barely Bewitched!!

Kimberly Frost said...

Thank you, honey. And thanks for visiting all this week. It's been so much fun. I wish I could run book giveaways all year! But I guess, I'll eventually have to get back to writing the books or else there will be nothing to give away. ;)


Neena said...

Wicked cool about tomorrow's events, Kimberly! I'm trotting over to B&N to search for your book tomorrow...I'm losing faith in Borders. Not even my favorite magazine...sheesh..

xid trebor said...

Damn your soul to Hades!! Only 5 hours sleep (and I need all the beauty rest I can get) - but I guess it's worth it because I loved Barely Bewitched. How much calamity can one person get into? Can't wait for the next one - get back to writing! Congrats & see you at Bitten by Books.


Estefanie said...

Its been stalking you... I mean following you on your online blog visits. Seriously, your books are amazing and I definitely look forward to reading any and all upcoming books written by you. I wish you lots of success for your signing tonight!

Unknown said...

Hi, Kimberly!
Congratulations on the new release--- Barely Bewitched!
I literally could not wait to get my hands on it. gL! I pre-ordered the thing on Barnes & Noble and (for some reason) they got mixed up with something and I STILL haven't received my copy yet. Ugh! The good thing is they promised to ship one tomorrow. WooHoo! That's all I need to hear! LoL
Oh, and today... I'll join you and your cool readers at BBB. Yay!

Again, congrats and keep the bewitching Tammy Jo rocking! =^.^=

Kimberly Frost said...

Neena - Yes, I'm not sure what's happening with Borders. Another fan/friend wrote to tell me they hadn't put out the copies of my book at her Borders in Chicago, and she'd made a special trip to get it. :( Annoying.

And Ivy, you had a mix-up, too. Yours with B&N, who's usually on the ball.

Note to Chain Bookstores: please get a bit more organized. Tammy Jo and Merc are ready to roll.

Robert - So glad that you liked it! That's awesome to hear.

And Estef - thanks again for all your support. :)

You guys are the best!

Unknown said...

This is my first B&N pre-order delay. So even though I have bitten my nails in frustration listening to the B&N music (?) waiting for a customer service person to pick-up, I'm okay... (NOT!)
There's a 1st time for everything, right? LoL
Now with Borders... I've had my bouts of delayed/missing books.
I guess whoever said that "stores appreciate your business" has been lying through their teeth. =(

neena said...

*happy bounce* I got one of the workers at Barnes and Nobles to go hunt your book down...they were gonna put it out next week. At least they had it!!!!

HUZZAH!!! Mom thought I lost my mind. lol!!! It looks soooooo gooooodddd!!

Looks like I'm getting no sleep tonight!!! *hugs you*

Kimberly Frost said...

You guys are so awesome for hunting down copies. I am so honored by your enthusiasm.

Huge hugs,

Erin Nappier said...

Wish I were there! My sister and I are big fans. If you're ever in the Charlotte NC area let me know and we'll be there!

Kimberly Frost said...

Erin -

I definitely will. I would love to visit more cities and meet all of you whom I've chatted with through the web. (At least we have the web. Imagine in the old days when to contact a favorite author, people had to mail letters that went through the publisher. So much easier to connect now!)


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