Friday, October 12, 2007

Pain in the Neck

"It is great to be a blonde. With low expectations it's easy to surprise people." Pamela Anderson

As I take a break from my studies, I would really like to encounter some wonderful news and entertainment on the internet during breaks. Instead, I am quite annoyed to find that the world is much as I left it. With the exception of the pleasant news about Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize. (A 35-year-old died and many other runners were taken the to the hospital from heat-related illness during the Chicago marathon. As most people who stepped outside last week can attest, it's safe to assume that global warming is real.)

Top 5 questions that I would like answered this week...

1. Why does Pamela Anderson have a novel?
2. Why isn't an ethics course required for people who have the most powerful jobs in world?
3. Why doesn't anyone feed Victoria Beckham?
4. Why do Borders coupons expire so quickly?
5. How does one escape news of Britney Spears?

If you have any or all of the answers to the above-mentioned questions, please know that I will be extremely grateful to see your response in the comments section. Thank you & have a wonderful day. :)


fiaschetti said...

1. Because NASCAR nation is real.
2. No idea. who would teach it?
3. They're too afraid. btw, i have a version of her hair now, but I promise not to turn into a rail-thin freak.
4. Borders has coupons?
5. I WISH I knew the answer to this. I have been saying her star should have burned out for a LONG, LONG time.

Anonymous said...

1. Because ghost writers need to make a living too.
2.If they did that it wouldn't be the most powerful job then, would it?
3.They keep hoping she will blow away.
4.If you are not in their store buying something every minute they are open, they have failed in their mission of world domination.
5.Unfortunately the alternative is Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie...or risking death in some remote place like Antarctica or Mt. Everest. Personally I'm torn between those choices.


Kimberly Frost said...

You're both so right. Thanks for helping answer the burning questions. ;)

Nancy P said...

May I add another question?

Why doesn't Victoria Beckham ever smile?

Kimberly Frost said...


I believe it's because she's hungry. I'll put sending her a care package on my to-do list.

Anonymous said...

If you feed her, who will be Anorexic Spice on the reunion tour?


Rosemary Harris said...

You've probably already mocved on to other burning questions, but I just got here via Roberta Isleib and Nancy P..
1. Who knows, maybe she can write?
2. Ah, I'm tempted to say that in order to be truly powerful you must jettison your ethics early on.
3. Was this the Beckham question? Don't the brits generally have bad teeth?
4. Don't worry, they'll send you another one tmw.
5. It's like watching roadkill, hard not to look.

Kelly McCullough said...

1, Because writers are cheap and plentiful and it is easy to hire one.

2, Who would impose it on them? BTW, if you find an answer for that tell me where to send the check.

3, For fear that if they go to close to her mouth she will devour them as Fenris devoured Odin.

4, To encourage book buyers to go out and invest themselves in books that they are then forced to buy with their own money.

5, The world may never know.

Anonymous said...

1. To give me inspiration to kill of a blonde bombshell without any remorse in my next novel.
2. Because the people in the most powerful jobs in the world take a course called "exists" instead.
3. It's not that no one feeds her, it's just that every picture is a side shot. From the front, she's huge!
4. Because the average person's attention span is only, uh, what was the question?
5. Visit Iran.

Get writing.


Kimberly Frost said...

LOL. Okay, these are some great answers. I will definitely be posting all my questions to life's great mysteries here.

Thanks Rosemary & Kelly for stopping by. (And good to hear from you Leonard! Read an article where you were intereviewed recently. You rock!)

Another possible answer to Nancy's question about Victoria Beckham never smiling: full facial botox?

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