Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drowning Pumpkins

My friend Rick and I spent some time discussing the fact that there are still a number of people who are not deterred from climbing Mt. Everest by a small thing like the high probability of death. When there are numerous other activities one might engage in for fun and sport, it makes one wonder what people are about. Are we bored? Stubborn? Ahem...insane?

Then a few days ago, I was drawn to the ABC news site where I watched a clip about underwater pumpkin-carving. The interview subject said it's quite challenging since pumpkins float. Some divers actually weigh the pumpkins down in order to get them to stay underwater for the carving. (Delay from typing as I contemplate this and laugh...again.) Do these poor divers lack kitchen tables? Perhaps we should start a fund.

So, I'm just curious...does it strike anyone else that we are a staggeringly silly species?


Dexty said...

Silly doesn't begin to describe it!

Rick Bylina said...

One small cut for the Great Pumpkin. One giant gash for the patch.

I think it's silly, very silly, and fun in an extreme way as long as they don't start taking themselves too seriously.

Now, just let them try to beat my 39 second solution time to freecell solitare. That's a real chalenge.


Anonymous said...

39 seconds? Rick, you are a freecell god. I can lose hours playing that dumb game...but never done in 39 seconds!

K, you have to wonder what made someone think, hey, why don't we do this underwater? :-)

katiebird said...

Is there some sort of underwater cult that experiments with doing stuff underwater? Weird, boring stuff made interesting by doing it underwater?

Underwater sewing & Hair Brushing & laundry folding?

Kimberly Frost said...

Kb - underwater laundry-folding. LOL!

Hope everyone's having a great day! I'm brainstorming a new book and doing some studying for the "day" job.

I wish I was going to be free for my friends' Halloween party this weekend, but I'm working. Drat. Anyone going to Halloween parties, and, if so, what are you wearing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to work and miss the party, Kimber. I'll be spending Halloween in Key West, where EVERY day is Halloween. The costumes DO get a little wilder on that one day, though...I'll probably look like I'm in a costume, wearing my regular stuff!! :-)Good luck with the new book!

Nancy P said...

Carving pumpkins underwater? Pshaw! Carve them on Mt. Everest! Because. . .well, not because they're there, I guess.

Happy New Book Plotting!

Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't deny a lot of the evidence for "homo silliosus," I think it's inevitable for humans to be drawn to any number of interesting challenges, simply "because they are there."

One way of breaking the cycle of the ordinary, perhaps.

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