Monday, December 10, 2018

Adventures in Baking

Some years ago on Xmas Eve, I tried to recreate a dessert from a cookbook called Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion. 

The recipes are crazy complicated and, as a complete novice in the beginning, I had some problems. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks and have definitely gotten better. But even now, I sometimes run out of time and end up with ganache that hasn't set and melts down the side of a cake to pool at the base. Not the best look, but still delicious!

My experience with taking on recipes that are too much for an amateur is probably what makes the hilarious Netflix show Nailed It! such a sweet treat for me.

They've got a hilarious judges plus amateur bakers who are given complex artistic confections to create within impossible time constraints. I don't even think professional pasty chefs could get the challenges done in time, let alone the motley group of contestants they've got.

Check it out! I think you'll love it.

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