Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anatomy of a Week's End...

Thursday - The page proofs for Would-Be Witch arrived. The fonts are so cute that I got misty-eyed. I know...being a tad ridiculous.

Friday morning - worked on creating a brochure for booksellers. It came out really well. Microsoft Word is almost too powerful, you know? I have The Terminator-like fears of the days when the machines take over. It's always the software that you have to be afraid of.

Friday night -worked at the "day" job. It was a long shift.

Friday overnight - crazy random insomnia. I never take sleep aids, but sometimes I am REALLY tempted.

Saturday morning - proofread part of Would-Be Witch. Yay!

Saturday afternoon - missed a pumpkin-carving extravaganza because was busy sleeping all day. Arg! (Still waiting to see pix...hint to friend, RH)

Saturday night - Kim Lenox & Sharie Kohler's book launch party at La Carafe (cool wine bar in very old/awesome building) Neighborhood was too scary to take my expensive Nikon camera. :( Alas, no pictures. Tragic because everyone looked so gorgeous!

Saturday later night - Rick and I drove aimlessly...well, we had an aim, but it never seemed to work out except for the brief stint at Empire Cafe. We still managed to have a good time, as always.

Sunday - worked on staying hydrated. Got a fever, and hence had to watch millions of DVDs rather than doing anything ambitious like standing upright.

Monday - Proofread during illness recovery. Page proofs ready to go to New York. The next time I see this manuscript from Penguin, it'll be a real book. Yahoooo!


Liz said...

I can't wait until your book comes out. It's getting closer!

Anonymous said...

Gee - I walk past La Carafe on my way from the bus stop every morning, Monday through Friday. I never really thought of it as a scary neighborhood, at least not compared to some other parts of downtown. That just goes to show what a difference day vs. night and weekday vs. weekend can make.

Kimberly Frost said...

Liz - Thank you! :)

Bethe - It was actually fine. Ahead of time though, I'd been warned that there could be a block or two of walking because there's no parking on site. Since I don't know downtown that well, I wasn't sure how populated the streets would be around that area at night. As it turned out, I parked in a structure kitty-corner from the bar, and I had a cellphone escort to the door. ;) In retrospect, I could have taken the camera.

fiaschetti said...

so by "font" do you mean it's actually in a font? i fear I can onlly read your writing when it's in pretty multicolored pens on notebook paper...

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