Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big Money hits H-town

Jack Getze, known also to his close friends as Jano (pronounced Yano) after he did a witching-hour brainstorming session one night at a writing retreat and channeled some marauding viking--don't ask--was in town yesterday.

After a hectic day, it was great when he arrived at my house and we could finally relax and catch up on writing and life. Then I attended his signing at Murder By the Book (a great and legendary Houston bookstore) where I bought Jack's second book (Big Money) in the darkly comic Austin Carr mystery series. (Austin's a stockbroker who lives his life in a grey area where choosing between morals and money is tough, and whenever he chooses Big Money he lands himself in big trouble.) In this book, Austin gets tangled up with the New Jersey mob, and the inspiration for the novel came from a true story involving Jack's own father-in-law.

The first book, Big Numbers, was great, and this one promises to be even better. I recommend you get them both.


Larry Kollar said...

I'll have to check 'em out!

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, Far -

Good to see you today. Hope today goes smooth and that your family's doing well.

Anonymous said...

We were "channeling" that night because we'd been to a psychic who told me my life was ruled by two "past lives," one a viking, who took what he wanted, and one a monk-scribe who was satisified watching the world go by. She said I had to listen more to the viking if I wanted to get published.

That's when I started wearing that stupid, horned hat.

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