Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Better

Thanks for all the well wishes on the blog and off. I'm fully recovered. For many years I have been lucky enough to possess one of the world's hardest working immune systems, so illnesses never sideline me for long.

Since the body's fever response is actually natural and helpful at fighting infection, I let myself run the temperature for a number of hours on Monday. If I'd had to go to work, I would've loaded myself up with Motrin and pressed on. But, for once, I had the luxury of taking to my bed and having a proper sick day. I watched Horatio, Poirot, the crew of Serenity, and Captain Jack Sparrow. I brainstormed in technicolor and scrawled barely legible notes to myself. It was an okay day despite the odd patch of dizzyness.

Yesterday I was back writing, logging 2,000 new words. (Yahoo...writing days rock!) And today I worked the non-writing job, where all arriving fevers were crushed under an avalanche of pharmaceuticals.

Here's hoping you're well! Hugs all around. :)

1 comment:

Nancy P said...

Recovered and wRiting! What could be better? Glad you're up and about again, Kimberly.

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