Monday, September 17, 2012

Tammy Jo Lives On...

Okay, so this map looks like a 5-year-old made it. (No one ever said--or will say--that I can draw.) But I have to have a quick reference. And so far Google Earth has not traveled to Tammy Jo's Duvall. C'mon, Google, help an author out!

Do you like the stuffed Merc holding up the map? (So cute, right!?) Like Mercutio himself, stuffed Mercs are quite rare.

So I'm not showing you this map just for heck of it. I have some Southern Witch news. Awhile ago, I promised readers that I would return to Tammy Jo when I caught my breath after a whirlwind 2011 writing schedule for the Etherlin.

When I finally started work on what I thought would be an electronic novella for fans, my agent and publisher joined the party. So now there will be at least two more full length novels, one short novella, and who knows what else. Hurray!

I'll keep you posted on all the details as I get them.

Many thanks to the fans of this series. I'm convinced that you made this happen by buying and talking up the books. Thank you! As always, you're the reason I write. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's been such a long time since I posted. Bad author! Some nice things have happened. ALL THAT BLEEDS, the first novel in the Etherlin series was a Barnes & Noble "Must Read" for its release month. And ATB got some great reviews, the latest from Fresh Fiction which I'll post on the site.

So here we are just six months later, and it's time for the second novel ALL THAT FALLS. I have to say that this book is the sexiest I've written so far. And it's premise was one that really inspired me.

Here's the ALL THAT FALLS back cover blurb...

She should never have touched his blood...

The Etherlin muses have long served as a source of divine inspiration.
Now their world stands between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

As his muse, Cerise propelled her musician boyfriend to the heights of fame, but when he died under mysterious circumstances, her powers vanished. Now cerise is plagued by disturbing half-formed memories of his final night...until she meets Lysander, who seems to hold the key to restoring her memories and abilities.

Fallen archangel Lysander is consumed by his quest for redemption until it leads him to the captivating Cerise. Now his thirst for revenge is rivaled only by his passion for the woman he can't forget.

Bound by blood and stalked by a deadly enemy, will they pay the ultimate price for succumbing to their passion?

As one reader said, "This book has it all. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Plus sexy angels, demons, and muses in one action-packed and suspenseful ride. It's Frost at her best."

I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



I've been waiting for Merrick and Alissa's story to come out. Merrick is my favorite hero so far. Exceedingly deadly and dangerously romantic.

New York Times Bestselling author Janet Chapman called him the perfect hero. I hope you'll enjoy reading about him as much as I enjoyed writing about him!

Story Blurb:

In a glittering community in the Colorado Rockies called the Etherlin, the descendants of the ancient muses live behind a wall that separates them from the dangerous creatures that crave them.

Alissa North is inspiration made flesh, so she should never have met Merrick, a deadly half-vampire enforcer, but when they do meet, the connection is instantaneous, and an illicit flirtation is born. He sends her secret gifts. She writes him secret letters.

The long-distance friendship was never supposed to go any farther. But when she is kidnapped and thrown briefly into his world, everything changes. Now Alissa realizes he’s the only person she can trust, and Merrick finds he’ll do anything to protect her, even risk his life by crossing the wall.

As both worlds close in on them, Alissa knows that getting caught with Merrick could cost her everything she’s ever cared about, but giving him up proves harder than she ever imagined…

To read an excerpt click here: ALL THAT BLEEDS

Kissing the Suspect Release!

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