Thursday, November 5, 2009

Readers & A Readers' Guide

These young women are part of a paranormal book club in Alabama. They emailed to invite me to their meeting and asked if I had any suggestions for discussion topics.

I must confess that before their email it never occurred to me to create a reader guide for WOULD-BE WITCH, but I loved the idea of doing one. A lot of my favorite literary novels have them in the back and I always enjoy looking through the questions and coming up with my answers.

So here's a list of WOULD-BE WITCH discussion questions that I came up with:


1.) Tammy Jo’s closest family members are gone, leaving her with only the acerbic Edie for occasional familial support. How do you think this separation affects 23-year-old Tammy Jo? Have you ever been away from your home and those you know? Did it affect your behavior?

2.) Despite their often tumultuous relationship, Tammy Jo continues to be involved with her ex-husband, Zach Sutton. Is this understandable?

3.) The fictional town of Duvall, Texas plays a large role in the story. Is this a place you would want to live? Discuss the pros and cons of growing up/living in a small town.

4.) Was Tammy Jo’s voice authentically Southern? What do you think it is about the South that makes it a frequent and favorite choice for paranormal authors. (Anne Rice’s New Orleans, LA, Charlaine Harris’s Bon Temps, LA, Kimberly Frost’s Duvall, TX etc.) What Southern settings are your favorites for paranormal novels? Would Birmingham, AL make a good setting for one—why or why not?

5.) Discuss the interactions between Lennox and Bryn Lyons. Given Lennox’s actions and attitudes, do you feel that Tammy should continue to develop a relationship with the Lyons family?

6.) What question would you like to ask the author about the creation of this novel/series?

I will be visiting with the book club tomorrow night (via speaker phone) and can't wait to hear the discussion!

Thanks again to these ladies for choosing to read WOULD-BE WITCH and for inviting me to their club.


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly :)
I enjoyed your questionnaire.
I hope you have an excellent time even if it is by speaker phone.
Thank you for sharing,
All the best,

Unknown said...

We had such wonderful time with you Friday night! We loved getting all the inside info on Tammy Jo and on you, too! I did't want the evening to end...chatting with you was a blast and a special treat!
Thanks for all the recommended reading. I am looking forward to the next installment of Tammy Jo's crazy life.
Much love!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with our book club! It was great!
Can't wait to read the newest book in the Southern Witch Series. I really love the storyline.
Thanks Again!!

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with our book club Fri. night. We had a great time.
Look forward to reading the 3rd book in the Southern Witch Series.
Thanks Again!!

Kimberly Frost said...

Hi guys,

It was great to be there, though it would have been even more fun to visit you in person. Maybe with the next book release!

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the historical for next month. :)

Will definitely send you "sneak-peak" file when I get it polished.


Lisa said...


What a pleasure to talk with you about your book during our book club meeting last Friday night! It was such a treat to dicuss the questions of the book with you personally. The book was such a fun read and to have the Southern connection was extremely exciting. We loved that we were included in your magic:) and will enjoy spreading the word about your fabulous work within our Southern state. Thanks for your time. You were a BLAST!
The Ardent Book Lovers Club
Birmingham, Alabama

Kimberly Frost said...


It was definitely my pleasure, too!


Adele said...

Good idea, although i'm not a fan of seeing these in the backs of books I love the idea of them being available on author sites. :)

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, we read your book in our book club (Postnanoreaders). Wish we'd had your questionnaire then. Very fun book though and interesting discussion.
Claudine (Feb 09 BONI, Pleasanton)

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