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Friday, August 28, 2009

Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day

"And how come the Glenfiddle workers remembered me splashing them with the passionflower potion? Weren't these potions supposed to cause at least a little bit of amnesia? I mean how was a witch supposed to spell-cast without getting caught?" ~ Tammy Jo, realizing that when she rescues people from monsters, she needs to be sneaky about it.

Life as a witch is so complicated!

* * *

Maria Lima is a terrific cyber-friend that I met at my friend Nancy Pickard's blog awhile ago. Maria writes a wonderful series of paranormal books (the Blood Lines series) that are set in Texas and are packed with mystery. How could I not love them?

Here's the first line from Matters of the Blood: "I know the dead, and the dead know me. Not a personal choice, mind you, just the result of being born into a family of necromancers." Maria hooked me with that opening and pulled me through the rest of her story, which is just as great.

Recently, I hit Maria with my "music question," and here's what she had to say:

"If I were a song from the 80s or 90s, I would be...The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk3 because I'm the ultimate optimist in many ways. One of my favorite lines from the song: 'Things are going great, and they're only getting better.' Despite the daily craziness of life, I try to see a silver lining in everything. Who'd have thought that my first book, Matters of the Blood, would have been reborn so many times and now by one of the top New York houses. I'm gobsmacked! Hand me those Raybans, 'k?" ~ Maria Lima

Visit Maria at

* * *

On Parapalooza Day 3, I told you how much I adore Kerrelyn Sparks and her books. One thing in particular that I admire about Kerrelyn's stories are the fun premises. Vamps and the City is a about a female TV producer who's part of a vampire harem. She starts a reality show where humans compete against vampires, and she needs a vampire contestant to win. Too bad she's falling for the sexy human contestant, Austin. (It's also too bad that he's a vampire slayer! It's Buffy & Angel in reverse). Now tell me you don't love that!

Here's what Kerrelyn has to say about mixed marriages between humans and the undead...

"Vampires make the best husbands. They never snore; they never expect you to cook, and while they're asleep all day, you have free access to their credit cards." ~ Kerrelyn Sparks

Visit Kerrelyn at:

If you'd like to win autographed copies of Barely Bewitched, Matters of the Blood by Maria Lima, and Vamps and the City by NYT-bestselling Kerrelyn Sparks, please drop by in the comments and answer the following question:

If you could marry and have kids with any kind of supernatural creature, would you? And which creature would you pick?


  1. Well, I guess I would and I would probably choose a werewolf.

  2. I would choose a vampire J.R. Ward style, those men are HOT!!! But I just started Dreamfever, so I wouldn't mind a man like Barrons, whatever he is. I don't care he's just written so perfectly. *sigh*
    Sorry, I resorted back to my hormonal teen years, lol.

  3. I'm trying to decide between a fae or a dragon (babies in human form!). Leaning towards the dragon. :)

  4. A demon would be my pick!


  5. If you could marry and have kids with any kind of supernatural creature, would you?--Well, if I were in love with one, of course!

    And which creature would you pick?-- Vampire, without a doubt :) Probably even one from Kerrelyn Sparks' world LOL;)

  6. weird it's not letting me post from my gmail account so I just posted with my name

  7. Paranormal mysteries are my absolute fave so sign me up for Maria Lima (I love this week because of the great comments and discovering a couple of new authors to read). I kindled Vamps and the City and loved it so whoever wins today should be in for an awesome trio of books.

    I would want to marry and have babies with one of the Dark Angel genetic experiements (Alec comes to mind). I know it's genetic not supernatural but I love and miss that show. Alternative would also be genetic choice of Gambit from XMen (can't wait for Wolverine DVD release date)

  8. Since I just finished Hush, Hush I will have to say yes, if I can marry and have kids with Patch. I would love to see what his little half fallen angel babies would look like ;)

  9. I would have a hard time picking, it would either be a vampire, Fae or demon. I don't think I could have a baby with a werewolf, can't picture myself giving birth to puppies lol.

  10. I'd pick a shapeshifter.

  11. Hm, ok I am really into werewolves at the moment so I would pick him as my guy. Big and strong and loyal.
    As long as I would get kids and not cubs. They can transform later

  12. Ooohhh I'll take any Dark Hunters, Black Dagger Brotherhood vamps, Alyssa Day's Atlanteans, Laurell K Hamilton's Men from Anita or Merry, and Spike, Angel, Henry Fitzroy and last but as my first choice I'd have to go with Eric Northman from True Blood!

    So I guess I'm most partial to Vamps, but wouldn't say no to a smokin hot Were, Fae or Atlantis hottie. :)

  13. I would love to fall in love with one of the Breed warriors in Lora Leigh's Breeds series. And making babies with him would be the perfect job! :o) Tamsyn

  14. It would be some type of shifter. I am reading the RV shifter series now so I'm thinking WERECAT. I love vamps but rebellious teenage vampires would be kind of hard to controll, they might accidentally drain their prom date!

  15. I have to choose vampire. I have been in lust with vampires since Frank Langella portrayed Dracula in the 70's. In fact, his poster used to be on the ceiling above my bed. I loved Vampires before it was cool to love them. By the way, I love love love the Spike action figure (anohter yummy vamp)
    The only thing that would be bad for me is I would have to look away if he drank blood from a cup, that just turns my stomach.

  16. Maybe a wizard...someone who could cast spells to help us out and protect us would be an asset...

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  17. Of course i would marry and have babies with a supernatural creature

    I would love to marry and have babies with one of the Dark Hunters from Sherrilyn Kenyon series. Love those men

  18. I would love to have half human half vampire babies!

  19. I would have to go with vampire!

  20. If they could be like the BDB, then I'd definitely go vamp. Those guys are delectable!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  21. gstarI would choose a shapeshifter.

  22. definatly a vamp

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I would and would want it to be some type of were animal
    (something big and mean)

  25. I would pick a fae warrior. Talk about hot!

  26. I would pick a dhampir. Human enough for me, with super strengh !
    Dimitri would be great, before he turned strogoi that it =P

  27. I think it would be a shifter, preferably a cat shifter.

  28. Its such a hard decision but I would pick a shapeshifter (one in particular Vane from Sherrilyn's Night would be perfect). Also someonse said a man like Barrons from DreamFever. I pick him over anyone else any day. It would definitely be some men like either Vane or Barrons. *sigh*

  29. I'd probably pick a dragon as first choice. One that could transform into human form. Next would be a shapeshifter then vampire. Funny thing is I usually prefer vampires over shapeshifters, but in this matter I would switch it around.

  30. I think I'd have to pick a merman after having read the Fred books by Mary Janice Davidson.

  31. Oohh. I like this one! I would love to marry a werecat of some sort! And kittenbabies?! How cute would those little scrappers be?

  32. The answer is crystal clear: I definitively would and preferably a shapeshifter (like one from Nalini Singh - love them!)
    Have a nice day!

  33. I would pick a cat shapeshifter.

  34. I think that I would choose to marry a Vampire. I am thinking one of J.R. Wards or maybe a Jean-Claude look alike from Laurel K Hamiliton books. I also wouldnt mind some of Sherilyn Kenyons men!!

  35. Hmm, I would probably choose a werewolf. Every book I read containing werewolves, they all have that pack mentality - to care for their pack/family.. and that's exactly what I'd want in someone to have children with.

    Morning Glow

  36. If I could, it would definitely be a Dark Hunter, the men are so yummy! And face it? Who wouldn't want Acheron for their husband? =]

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  37. I would say a vampire also.

  38. I would love to marry a dragon shifter, like in G.A. Aiken's or Allyson James books. I'm really in to dragons, and just think of the air fares I could save LOL.

  39. My favorite paranormal creature would be a tie between a Vampire or Alpha Shapeshifter Wolf..both yummy!!

  40. If I fell in love with one, then certainly I would marry one! As to what kind, I have always liked the werecats, having kittens would be a easy labor of love!

  41. If I were not already married I would choose... hmm... so many talents and powers to choose from... I would choose a weretiger. Yes, definitely a weretiger.

  42. I would definitely marry a supernatural creature. I'd probably marry a vampire if I had to choose. Let's face it, they're handsome, super strong and usually extremely rich. What's there to lose?

  43. Yes, I'd marry a supernatural creature - it's so hard to choose, but I think I'd pick a shapeshifter.

  44. Of course I would!! I would want to marry a half vampire/half Scottish werewolf. (Think Bowen from Kresley Cole's Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night meets J. R. Ward's Vishous from Lover Unbound) I would get the sexy Scotish accent, plus the sexy fangs and the amazing buff build both of them pull off to the extreme. Plus, the BDSM that V loves so much, and they are so careing and pretoective, and erotic, and OMG perfect! Hahaha.. yeah, I went there..

  45. Hey, everyone!

    Happy Saturday/Pp Day 5!

    As usual, I love reading your responses. I'm going to be back to post a longer comment later. :)

  46. oh my..there are so many wondeful ones but.. id have to say a mix between Lachlain from Kresley Cole's Hunger Like No Other, Courtland McCarrick from Kresely Cole's If You Dare, and the always SEXYYYYY Zadist from J.R. Ward from Lover Awakened. ohh..picture him. mm yes please! could you imagine the se...thighs! haha oh if only. so yes.. id have a sexy Lachlain Z McCarrick. oh yay. i have a new fantasy for the month.

  47. I'm not tossing my name in this bucket, but I wanted to say I love the quote from Barely Bewitched! Had me in stitches..

  48. If I could marry and have kids with any kind of supernatural creature, would you? Sure, if I loved him!

    And which creature would I pick? Um, maybe a Walker à la Mercy Thompson(but um, a guy) from Patricia Briggs' books or maybe a Shifter like Sam from Charlaine Harris' books. Heck, can I just have Sam?

  49. I would probably choose a fae or a werewolf.

    littopandaxpress (at) yahoo (dot) com

  50. I'd marry a weredragon. I love to go fly over the city late at night :D


  51. I would pick a witch - need a cleaning spell for the house

  52. I would choose a werewolf. They would have strong powers and do as theyw nat inthe woods.

  53. warlock

  54. werewolf , stron and never sick


  55. A kitsune since I love Japanese culture.

  56. Well, the man I want to marry certainly isn't a supernatural creature, but if he was, I'd want him to be an Unseelie guard from Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series, like Frost! He is one hottie, even if he is damaged. ;)

  57. Well I'm already married to a great guy, but were I not I'd love a shape shifter; I do however love kerrelyn's vampires and maybe one of them could change my mind.

  58. I'd have to say that I would choose a dragon, especially after reading Katie Macalisters dragon series. The are protective, fierce, and sexy. Just what I like.

  59. Interesting thought. If I had to marry one, it would be a shifter. One that turns into an eagle or puma.

  60. I would marry a shifter, so that if I don't like the way my kids look, I'd get them to change!

  61. I would have to go with a vampire. I just love a sexy immortal man!!



  63. Merman

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  64. i would choose Fae
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  65. I'd choose Rachel Vincent's Werecats. They're so sleek and powerful. Plus with werewolves you get that whole "total lack of control because of wolf instinct," thing. And I bet they smell like wet dog.;P

  66. A werewolf-definitely. Warm, pack mentality which translates to family men, strong, -maybe a little hairy, but I could handle that! haha

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