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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Southern Witch series - Quote of the Day:

"I don't know why people pay for rental cars when so many friends and family members just leave their keys lying around unattended."
~ Tammy Jo Trask, whose car is often misplaced.

* * *

NYT bestselling author Nina Bangs writes awesome sexy, funny paranormal romances, but she didn't always know that she would become a writer. When asked in an interview what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said:

"I wasn't so practical when I was young. I wanted to ride horses. I wasn't too clear on the concept of how I'd manage that, but I was open to suggestions."

Don't you just love that? Amazingly, she went on to raise and show Arabians for a few years. So apparently Nina's good at turning all kinds of dreams into reality. I'm taking notes! (To learn more about Nina's terrific books, visit her site -

* * *

Another author whose work I love is Alyssa Day. She writes about the lost city of Atlantis (which I know existed and am fascinated by) and the incredibly sexy Warriors of Poseidon-- c'mon, who wouldn't love buff boys from the deep blue sea who are on a mission and fall in love along the way? Clearly most people do love them since Alyssa hit the New York Times Bestseller list with her latest release. (Hurray! People have such good taste.)

Now, I could envy Alyssa because she's beautiful, talented, and because she has her own sea-faring warrior (in the form of her husband who's in the Navy), but I don't envy her those things. What I'm actually sea-weed green with envy over is her new author portrait that she unveiled on her blog on August 20th. I too want a live-in artist who will illustrate scenes from my books and my life. I'll hold a trident, an ocelot, or even hunky warrior if it's absolutely necessary.

If you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series, an autographed copy of A Taste of Darkness by Nina Bangs, and a copy of Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day, then please drop by in the comments and answer the following:

If you had magical powers, which of your dreams would you make come true?


  1. wow..hard question!! I can not think of anything..being invisible wouldn't help but would be fun!!


  2. Magical powers? The hardest part is deciding what power to choose. Could my Magical power be the ability to affect probability? If I could do that, I'd tip the scales in my mother's favor to win the lottery. She could finally get my dad's medical bills taken care of and retire! Yeah, definitely Probability. My dream of seeing my folks taken care of - all taken care of!

  3. magical power yes thats a hard one
    maybe the power to help those that need help altho i know thats not really a magical power

  4. Hmmm...teleportation more than likely to make commuting everywhere I need to go easier.

  5. If I had magical powers, I'd easily make the dream of me being a witch come true. It would both grant me a wish, and I would be powerful in a unique way with plenty of wishing to come.

  6. i would love to travel the world and if I could i'd be able to teleport to wherever I wanted to go.

  7. Oooh, is time travelling a magical power? I could go back in time and change a thing or two...don't know if that go towards making any of my dreams come true, though, but it might change some things. :)

  8. That a good one. I was a fan of Charmed so I don't think I'd go for personal gain. But, being able to teleport, use telekinesis, or heal by touch would be so amazing.

  9. if i had a magical power it would be the ability to read minds. There is something so great and so wrong about it. You never know who someone truly is until you step into there mind.

  10. I think if I had a magical power, I would create an island where time stood still. Then when I really needed to get stuff done, but had very little time to do it in, I could go there and work. Plus when I didn't need it, I would rent the island out to writers, who needed someplace to write uninterrupted, and my fellow teachers/professors, who needed more time and space for grading.

  11. If I had magical powers, I would probably spend my time cleaning up the planet. It's something I've gotten into lately and I would love to do more. I'd probably also just fly over traffic.

  12. If I could have a magical power, I think that it would be a power that allows me to be two places at once. Yes, it is back to school time for me, and I have three kids in three different schools and of course back to school night falls on the same night for two the kids. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out.

  13. I think I would have mother natures powers or something more simple like the power to comunicate with animals. I have always wished I could talk to animals. I think that would be fun.

  14. I would like the power to heal so I can heal my mother

  15. If I could have a magical power I would want it to be something like a calming influence. So that when I am around people they are relaxed and happy and not mean or confrontational.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  16. Definitely healing powers because I am at that age where everyone around me has some complaints or other!


  17. I have read Nina Bangs before but had not heard of Alyssa Day so thank you for the heads up *pulls out the kindle to see whats available at touch of button*

    If I had magical powers I would use them to ensure financial security so I can devote my time to being an unpaid teacher's assistant because I don't think they get enough money/help they deserve.

    Can't believe it's less than a week until the release of Barely Bewitched but now I know what I can read to make the time pass. I am all about buff boys from the deep blue sea!

  18. RE Magical Powers: Pfft I would make my own hybrid Bently, because a. I'm all about the green living b. OPEC can suck it, paying for high priced gasoline is so Bush-era
    c.*closing eyes* I would look so sexy in it.

    Er or world peace?

    Great Post!

  19. It would be the ability to fly so I can travel all over the world!

  20. If I had magical powers I would use it to heal my husband also I would heal my son of his hearing loss and I would heal myself of the muscle disease and sun allergy. Part of the power would be that when I heal someone that they will then be able to heal others and we could go around fixing people.

  21. wow thats hard I guess It would be to me and fall in love with the man that would be just right for me that would be my pefect mate.A find the berfect mate power.

  22. If I had magical powers I would enchant myself to happy always happy and content. When you're happy everything is so much easier :)

  23. Magical powers? A bit of a hard question since there would be so many things I would love to be able to do, such as telepathy or have infinete knowledge. But, I would most likely go for knowing when someone is being truthful, sort of like be a human veritaserum (Harry Potter ref). There's so much lying and deceit in the world that it would be nice to know when someone is up tono good especially if it has to deal with your well being or the like.

  24. If I had magical powers I would use them to make my dream of traveling the world with my husband come true. It would be cool to be able to just snap my fingers and pop into different places and even different time periods.

  25. Hard to answer, but I would think being able to heal people would be great. Starting at home of course

  26. Id make my dream to be a sucessful business owner for my dream business and have the most awesome life from the sucess so my children and better half never had to worry again.

  27. As a mum of 4 small children I would like more time so I would choose the ability to stop time for short periods. It would give me time to read more books (grin).


  28. Hmm. You know, my dream in life is just to be happy, so I don't really think magic will be the answer as there's nothing specific I want, so I think I would probably use magi to make someone else's dream come true. I would probably make my Mum well again, so she could have fun like she used to. I think the whole family would love that.

    Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]

  29. Good morning, you guys!

    This was a tough question. (What was I thinking?!)

    I'm definitely in the same boat as those who are still contemplating which magical power to choose, but for those who have figured out what they want, I love your answers!

    Time for me to grab some coffee. See you later in day. :)


  30. My dream magical power would be time travel. I'd go back and tell myself a few things (not just the lotto numbers!) and go forward and see how my little one turns out!

  31. Out of magical powers, I would love to have the ability to heal myself and other people. I've always seen my mother as amazingly strong and young but we're all getting older and it takes some adjusting to. I'd love to be able to keep people that I love healthy and active - and to stay that way myself.

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  32. If magical powers are a given (emphasis on plural), I would use them to heal the planet, and maybe put someone else in charge - cats, I think.

  33. Even though it might also be a curse, I love the idea of reading other people's thoughts. Imagine the power of knowing what other people are thinking! I would use this magical power to make my dream of a new, better career come true.

  34. If I could have any magical power it would be the ability to transform myself into a falcon. This way when life becomes to stressing or I just need to get away I could spead my wings and escape into the sky. And getting there pretty fast helps too.
    My dream of true escape (if only for the moment)would come true.

  35. If I had any magical powers I would like to heal people. If someone was hungry or sick, I would like to just be able to touch them and make them well again.

    I guess if I couldn't get that one being able to fly would be kind of cool...

    Rebecca Sigmon

  36. If you have magical powers, don't they usually come with some fine print? Such as, no true love hexes, no killing, no changing history, etc? Honestly, if I had magical powers, such as the ability to create objects out of air or make myself invisible, I would still prefer to live life as it should be. Eliminating the struggle of attaining your dream takes away the appreciation of the achievement. No matter how painful or difficult, I'd rather claim the full glory, than only partial credit.

  37. If I had magical powers I'd like to be like the Bewitched star and be able to wrinkle my nose and have my house cleaned up. Laundry done, groceries put up that kind of things. Of course I'd also like to use my powers for humanity too. Just thought I'd throw that in, I'm not totally selfish.

    Linda Henderson

  38. Choosing magical powers is difficult for me because several of them would be cool to have. I'd like to be invisible for a while to see what people truly think about me. I'd like to be able to teleport. Being able to see the world without having to deal with long airline lines would be great. The one I'd choose is to be able to predict the future. This way I could choose the lottery numbers and win. Have a great day.

  39. Magical powers, magical powers, hmmm...I would go back in time and redo a few things (some for fun, some for change). sigh...if only.


  40. My power would be to get rid of pain.

  41. I would like to communicate with animals. Of course being able to be invisible would be pretty darn cool also.

    Thanks for posting some different authors, it seems like my reading list is getting longer each day. Of course #1 on that list is your next book. Waiting for Sept.1 patiently (or not).

  42. After a bit of thought (love your questions so far, btw), I've decided that if I had a magical power I'd want to be able to *abracadabra* myself into the books and actually become the female lead of whatever story I was reading at the time. Wouldn't it be cool to experience them in such a way?! . . . even if only for a few hours here and there. I love to escape reality with books, so what would be more appealing than first person interaction? =) If only I had gotten my letter for Hogwarts, lol!

  43. It's hard to pick one. But eleiminating pain amd disease would be a great start. But I would love to teleport to the Highlands of Scotland to meet a kilt wearing Alpha male. :)
    Carol L.

  44. If I had magical powers I would use them to teleport my husband home when he has to be gone from his family for long deployments.

  45. Choosing a magical power is a hard one. The good things you could do if you had magical powers. I probably would choose to teleport. Can get myself to someplace very quickly.

  46. If I had a magical power I would like to be able to have the power not to use the word no! This would help out in job interviews!

  47. I'd be healthy and living in Scotland with my hunky, Highlander hubby. Shhhh....

    Mel K.
    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  48. Tough question! But I think I'll settle for healing powers. Many in my family have some kind of ailment. Of course, I would help others too!

  49. I would love to be able to speak to animals through my thoughts. I want to be a veternarian so it would be a dream to know what they are really thinking and how they feel. I could do a lot of good if I knew what was hurting them.

  50. This is a hard one. I think I would like to be able to teleport so that I can see all the sites of the world. I have always wanted to travel.

  51. Hummm If I had powers which dream would I make come true......honestly right now? I'd make my dream of providing for my mom so she'd never have to worry about a thing again. She'd have everything her little heart could desire all bills paid, any place she wanted to go she could. So I'd do that. I make my mother's dreams come true.

    What a great thought provoking question!

    highlandlovesong at yahoo dotcom

  52. Ok, hate to be cliche, but my first order of business would be to give myself Jennifer Aniston's body, minus the smokes...
    After that, health and wellness all around! Then, I would update my living quarters. Ooohhh, I'm getting into this--From my new beach house, I would rewind global warming and create 4 day workweeks. Also, mandatory siestas for all grumpyfolk! Essentially, I would command: health, wealth, goddess-like body status and whirled peace, pretty much in that order! Thanks for the chance to share the fantasy!

  53. I think it would be to have multiples of me, that way one of me could go to work, one of me could be around my parents and other family and one could be around and having fun!

  54. Sorry guys. I am thinking I mis-read the question (I read the other comments AFTER I posted). Oh well...I too would have a hard time picking and choosing a single magical trick. Selfishly, the Jen Aniston bod might still win... ;)

  55. Magical powers...perhaps the ability to really be superwoman/super Mom and do everything at once...that's it - superhuman speed so I could do the housecleaning in 5 minutes, cook dinner in 3 minutes and then have loads of time to play with the kids, read books, etc. I suppose I should add working out in 4 minutes to that list too...

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  56. I would use my magical power to win the lottery and also to heal people.

  57. A magical ability hmm... I'd like to really be a witch (Think Charmed style) with the powers to help others, solve crimes, protect people and heal others. I'd like to be a force for good.

  58. I would want to have the magical power of healing. There are so many young and old that needs miracles in that field.

    Great question!!

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. If I had magical powers to make one wish come true....I would love to be happy all the time. Everything would be fun then. :)

  61. I think I would choose to have the power of good luck and use it to help others

  62. I think I'd use my magical power to help my family finacially and to make everyone without any problems.

  63. If I could choose any magical ability it would have to be time travel so I could see history on a first hand basis but teleportation would be a close second for me!

  64. hard question!
    I'd probably choose healing, the power of taking off pain and make people stop suffering.

  65. Tough question. I think the healing would be cool and the ablity to travel anywhere at the snap of a finger would be cool too. Money is the other thing that would be nice.

    I am pretty content with my life so I'd probably use the power to help others. I tend to try and fix everything that is wrong.

  66. I would love to have the power of druid speak like in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Just speaking and I could get whatever I want for my family and friends. Yeah that would be it, power of influence and persuasion, lol.

  67. Please count me in!
    I haven't put my hands on your series yet but it's been on my wishlist!
    It really does sound great!


  68. Hey Sweets,

    I'm really looking forward to your second book. I loved the first one. I wish you just as much success with this one as the last.


  69. The power to make People happy. But I guess that really is not magical - it is something that I try to do everyday.

  70. I'd love the ability to work potions! What can I say I'm science geek at heart and all the mixing and chanting makes being a witch look so much fun!

    Thanks for throwing this Great Party!! Can't wait to see who visits the rest of the week!

  71. If I had magical powers I would FOR SURE get myself a pet dragon to sit on my shoulder - and see a unicorn! I think I would also be awesome with weapons skills. Nice to know a girl can take care of herself with a broadsword *wink*

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  72. If I had magical powers I'd make the dream where I was flying come true. It is my favorite when I have it. I love having the power to move air.

  73. This is a difficult question. I've always wanted to win the lottery so I could have more time to spend working with several charity groups I donate to. I would love to work fulltime on one of them in particular. My son and I were just talking about the advantages of being able to teleport to different locations (during a 15-hour car ride).

  74. If I could have magical powers it would be that the story ideas in my head would write themselves easily and quickly across the page - resulting in my dream series of books!

  75. Hmmm. Another hard one to answer. I guess if I had a magical power, I would be a best selling writer. I mean after the whole world peace thing that is. lol.

    Thanks for another great contest!

    Dottie :)

  76. If I had magical powers, I would love to have ability to have the talent of being able to teleport/travel anywhere in the world. :)

  77. Okay, a magical power! I need one what is big in scope and covers it all.

    The Make Life Effortless Power.

    Yes, that's it.

    diane_j_holmes @ Yahoo .com

  78. I would like to be able to teleport myself from one place to another.

  79. If I had a magic power it would be to never need anything. Food, clothes, whatever. It would not be too have tons of stuff but just to always have exactly what I need for me and my family.

  80. I would want to be psychic. I could make a killing on the World Poker Tour.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  81. Flying is definitely a power I'd love to have! The view would be amazing and it would take shorter time to get places.

  82. If I had magical powers, I would wave a wand or sprinkle some fairy dust or whatever I had to do to make the lives of my sisters and my son be trouble free.

  83. For me, it would definitely be healing powers. I work in healthcare and I see illness and suffering and to be able to have that power to erase this would be amazing.

    Jennifer K

  84. Haha! I'd love to have powers like Samantha Stevens on Bewitched! Son has a history question? Poof - historical figure in the living room! Hubby bring company home? Poof - clean house! Forgot to buy milk? Poof- it's in the fridge!

    I never did figure out how she twitched her nose, though! :)

  85. If I had a magical power, it would have to be healing. I choose that because theres people all the time that need healing, especially children and I would want to help them.

  86. Hi everybody!
    Oh, magic... every time I watched Charmed I wished I could stop the time like Piper... that would reveal a lot of possibilities *dreaming* ;)
    Have a nice day!

  87. Magical powers? I soooo wish....magical...*sigh* There's sooo many..let's see..anything from super speed to going back in time. There are *lots* of stuff I'd like to redo.

    Mostly out of all of them the ability to heal magically. You know, place your hand over a wound and make it disappear something like that or similar. Seeing others healthy and happy is a wonderful feeling. =)

  88. Oh boy. I would definitely want the power to time travel. That way I could go back in time and kick myself in the arse right before I did something detrimental to my future. I could also jump ahead and make sure current decisions were going to pan out. I CANT WAIT FOR BARELY BEWITCHED!!!! I've been foaming at the mouth for it ever since I finished Would-Be Witch. It's torture!

  89. I would love the gift of sight. I could help avoid major catastrophes if I could. Even minor ones involving accidents or where animals or children were hurt. Anything to help would be good. Not saying I couldn't use it to see the winning lottery numbers and then be able to help many causes like Bill and Linda Gates.
    If it would be possible, it could help so many people.

    Thanks for putting my name in the hat.

  90. The power to see the future and alter the past.

  91. I'd love to fly! I could visit some friends in Australia...

  92. I think I would like th abilty to create weath so that I could give it to my mom and dad so they wouldn't have to struggle with things as much anymore.

    Pam S

  93. Great question! I can think of so many things I would want if I had magical powers. The first thing that came to my mind of course is to have more money that I could ever spend in a lifetime. Anything else I'd want can be bought with that money. :)

    But I'd also like to have the ability to freeze time, move things with my mind, read minds, have XRay vision, etc. All that fun stuff! :)

  94. Magical powers and one of my dreams.....well I want my loved ones to be happy and healthy. But I would think if they were healthy, they'd find a way to be happy. LOL

    So I would want the ability to heal any injury or disease - mental or physical - for anyone that needed it.


  95. I would have to say..... I want to ability to speak and understand every language that I come into contact with. I want to travel, and that would help me out a lot. :)

  96. I'd love to be able to change my appearance. Try pink hair one day, maybe see what it's like to be a little taller, etc. You'd always win at hide and seek.. no one would know it's you! Not that I play hide and seek much anymore, but old for it, I'm afraid.

    Morning Glow
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  97. Huh - everyone has really great ideas of what they would like. I think if I had magical powers it would be almost gene like where you could help out with anything thing like Alladin!

    Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved Would-be-witch - I purcased it as soon as it came out and it seriously took me like a day to read. So I have been looking forward to the realease date of the second one - yay it's almost here! I will also have to check out the other Authors that you have mentioned.... :)

  98. My power would be the ability to stop wars.

  99. That's an easy one, if I had magical powers all of my dreams would have already come true.

  100. If I had magical powers, I would eliminate the problems that stop me and my husband from having a baby.


  101. I would love to be able to use Astral projection. I would be able to accomplish and have time to take care of my family, clean the house, read, study and write. This would make my wish of a peaceful household come true.

  102. I'd love to have healing powers. The only problem would be if people found out you'd be overwhelmed and if you tried to heal everyone who needed it you'd never have enough time & energy. The best way would be to be able to heal and do it anonymously.

    BTW, I love your book covers, Kimberly!

  103. If I had magical powers I would love to be able to teleport to see the scattered members of my family.

  104. Hi Kimberly,
    Your Parapalooza is so much fun, thanks. If I had a magical power, I'd like the ability to change time. I would rewind any event that didn't go quite as planned & do it again; sort of like a time loop. Ever wished you could take back a hurtful word? Retake a test, kiss a loved one who's passed just 1 more time, not get into that car accident. Yep, change time with a flick of my wrist.

  105. The ability to transport instantly. I hate the traveling part of traveling. Traffic, airports, security, tolls, parking! I don't mind if I had to visit the place first and put a 'marker' to return.

  106. I would like to go to places that I'd like to see. I would help out my family.

  107. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Fun but TOUGH question
    I think I would want to be granted the Magical Power to Heal Others! (and myself, too if need be lol)

    Of course, I'd ALSO want the power of beauty, wealth, oh.. world peace, etc hehehe

  108. I would fly around the world....literally ;)

  109. If you had magical powers, which of your dreams would you make come true? I would like to have money to take care of myself, family and friends to give without asking for payback.

  110. I'm still psyched and ready for book 2. Counting the days down...

  111. If I had magical powers, I would use them to heal the sick and feed the hungry...

  112. Wow! That is a tough one. It is a toss up between teleportation so I would never be late again to an appointment or the ability to heal so some of my friends and family would not have to suffer with some of the prolonged illnesses they are affected with plus anyone else who would request my help.

  113. so many things to chose from. I think I would like to magic plants-grow them and such and be able to make magic potions from them to be able to heal people or make them be happier and things. So I'd have to go with healing then being able to fly.

    Laura Grant

  114. Magical powers....see the future so I could always protect my love ones.

  115. Well what magical power would I choose? That's hard to say. I would like to have all of them,
    invisibility, mind reading, teleportaion, telekenesis (i'm kind of lazy on my days off from work.) LOL I think the best one would be time travel, I would love to visit different eras.

  116. OOOOH I love this question!

    I would iradicate all debt by abolishing the monitary system completely

  117. perhaps i'd just like to see the future and win the lotto

    or be able to move things (including myself) by sheer force of will

    when i was a kid i wanted magical control of the weather, but i think that was because i thought Storm from xmen was cool

  118. The dream to heal pain and illness!


  119. I would pick one where I always had an endless supply of money. LOL.

  120. Hmm....the first magical power I thought of that I would like is magical "healing" power so that I could cure (especially children) of life-threatening difficult to treat illnesses without pain/discomfort. More selfishly, I would also like the ability to make my house magically clean itself, the yardwork take care of itself, etc. so that I could spend more time on the work I love doing and the people I love and want to be with more often.

  121. Wow.
    Thanks for a great contest.
    Magical powers? I'd like to be able to grant wishes.
    All the best,
    PS - Are you related to Jeaniene Frost?

  122. Oh--maybe I would want to control the weather. I could then start a wedding/event planning business and guarantee good weather. I would of course, see my business accelerate after word spread and become quite wealthy and successful. And, boy could I plan a great family picnic/barbeque w/o worrying:) More importantly, after having had 2 basement floods to deal with already, I could spare myself and millions of other people the agony of having to clean up that dirty, waterlogged flood caused mess! Yes, I'd definately like the power to turn off the rain!

  123. Magical Powers? I would take the back and neck pain from myself and everyone in my family! We all need back surgery!

    dancealert @ aol dot com

  124. my power would be the ability to transport myself dream would be to travel around the world
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  125. Hi Kimberly and Congrats on your upcoming new release. I really like the cover. :)
    I haven't read an Alyssa D. but I have read Nina and her books are good.
    As to the question that is a hard one. But I have chosen just one, the power to heal. It would be great to help others and make someone's life better you know.
    I saw this reoccurring answer and it warms my heart and should give us all hope. It wasn't for gain, greed or anything negative we wish for this one magical power but to help those we love, we are close too.
    Blessed be to you and all your commentors.
    Best Wishes and Good Luck everyone!

  126. Time travel-go back and solve the Jack the Ripper case, find out what happened in other historic mysteries.

  127. I would wish for wisdom governed by compassion. I would make sure my family and friends lived in comfort. I would right as many wrongs as possible. I would enjoy every moment! gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  128. wow, I would love the power to give better health and be the asthma witch

  129. My choice of a magical power would be the ability to attract true love. Someone to be there that is pure of heart forever is the greatest gift.

  130. I love witches: The Charmed series and earlier Bewitched or even I dream Of Jeannie. Just so I could say I was

  131. to have the perfect figure that never sagged with age.

  132. Being able to teleport so I could go to lots of places I have always wanted to and visit my family whenever I wanted to.

  133. My dream I would make come true would be to cure my family of the hereditary disease so that my future generations won't have to suffer and be reliant on medication in order to live.

  134. I'd love to be able to teleport anywhere I want or need to be, in a flash.

  135. To be able to fly and grant other peoples wishes.

  136. You guys frellin' rock! I posted an entire post about how much I loved your response to today's post.

    You can find my mega-comment between Day 2 & Day 3

  137. If I had magical powers, I would have an infinite supply of money. I know that sounds bad, but really. I could do so much more with my education. Right now, everyone else in the Junior class is planning a music trip to New York next Spring. I can't go because my family doesn't have the money. There are a lot of financial problems in my family and it's holding us all back. That's why I would love to have the money whenever I need it. And I would definitely be donating left and right. :)

  138. I would want to be able to time travel. That would be cool.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  139. I know exactly what power I would choose. I would use the power of healing. I would heal myself and any other woman who had trouble carrying a baby.

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