Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cover Extravaganza - HALFWAY HEXED

Here's the new cover art for the re-issue of HALFWAY HEXED!
Locket? Check
Cowboy boots? Check
Ocelot? Check
Magical rain storm that threatens the town...
 For the love of Hershey, check!
The re-release of this story with the fab new cover will be March 2014
(And it will be much cheaper than the original books were, so:
Hurray and please go tell everyone you know!)


Anonymous said...

i want copys of ALL the southern witch books!!!!
tami bates

Melliane said...

I love it! so impatient to read it!

Peggysue Jenkins said...

I am very anxious for the new Tammy Jo books but please please make an illustrated cover I do not like the new covers. I have the first three books and these new covers will not match the setplus they do not portray the real Tammy Jo. She is a clumsy magical pastry chef.. not a sorcerer. I would really love an illustrated cover too

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