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Monday, March 15, 2010
Halfway Hexed - Back Cover Copy!

Duvall, Texas.

A small town that’s about to be in some big trouble.

Pastry-chef-turned-unexpected-action/adventure heroine Tammy Jo Trask is finally ready to embrace her mixed-up and often malfunctioning magic. Too bad not everyone wants her to become all the witch she can be.

First, there are the local residents who form a scripture-spouting posse and kidnap Tammy to “defend” Duvall against witchcraft. Next, someone saddles her with a secret package chock full of dangerous visions, just as the president of WAM—the World Association of Magic—arrives with his entourage to investigate her. And who worse to examine Tammy’s entanglement with off-limits and drop-dead gorgeous wizard Bryn Lyons than his ex-girlfriend? Not to mention that the clash between the locals and the magical visitors leads to a series of unnatural disasters that may doom them all.

Will Tammy Jo's magical synergy with Bryn be enough to help her save the town or will her enemies succeed in putting Tammy out of commission for good? One thing’s certain: this would-be witch is ready to rumble, Texas style…


  1. Oooh! Very cool! Yay for good cover copy, Kimber!

  2. ooooooooooooooooh!

  3. Nice!

  4. It looks great! I can hardly wait for it to come out... but I have to wonder, will there only be three books? Will we see Zach again? Most importantly, when is the release date so I can mark my calender? So may questions so little time.

  5. I agree with Deanna! Do tell!

  6. OMG soo cant wait PLZ give us an idea for the release date and , as Deanna said will this be the last one??

  7. Hi guys,

    I hope that it won't be the last book in the series, but I think that will depend on how well the readership is growing. If it's continuing to build momentum, I'm sure the publisher will want more. My plan is to wrap up this three-story arc on Book 3, and then if there's another book, it will pick up after a bit of time has elapsed. The good news about Book 3 is that some of the questions that were raised in Book 1 get answered in Book why Tammy's great-great-grandmother put the Lyons family on her List of Nine.

    Book 3's release date won't be until early next year. I know it's a long time to wait, so I'll be posting a Southern Witch short story on my website sometime this year.

    Zach doesn't figure into HALFWAY HEXED. He's off training to be a human champion during this installment, but if there is a fourth book, he will be back.

    Thanks for all the interest. :)


  8. I can't wait to read it! Not going to lie, very saddened by the wait time for Halfway Hexed, but I know that the wait is going to be worth it!

  9. AWESOME! Its an amazing series and i cant wait to read the next one!!!

  10. I sincerely hope there will be many more than three in the series.

  11. Oh MAN, I'm soooo freaking stoked right now. I started this series because of the eye-catching cover and now I'm hooked. I cant wait to read the third book. As a bookseller at Barnes & Noble, it's my job to push people to pick this series up. WOO HOO ^_^

  12. Very anxious and early next year doesn't seem to be soon enough. I truly enjoy this series and can't wait for more. I also hope there is more than 3 and that the next one comes soon. Thank you for the fun.

  13. I read both books last Saturday and what a fun day that was. I hope the story doesn't stop at 3. Thanks for the great read!

  14. Hi Kimberly,

    I want Tammy Jo and Bryn to stay together...I really do! We'll be eagerly awaiting the release of Halfway Hexed.

  15. Hello, I love your books ! I just finished barely Bewitched, Thank You !!! It was fabulous.
    Anyway back to Would-be Wayfayer, oh, that sounds good and Bryn is still there ! I love both men, really hard to chose one for Tammy Jo.
    I'll be pre-ordering again, yahoo Amazon !

  16. Ohhhhh...there has to be more in the series. I have been waiting so long for the third one and it doesn't take that long to read through...I will be in withdrawals!!! The characters are so rich and fantastically developed...Find Zach another paranormal interest...

  17. I love your books! They are so funny! But I agree with some of the other ladies, please find Zach someone else... With magic-synenergy romance who would choose the regular? (*;

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