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Friday, February 5, 2010
Quotes of the Week
From now on, when in doubt of what photo to post... Henry Cavill. ;)

The editing of Halfway Hexed progresses. I have been living at coffee shops and cafes for the past week and was concerned that one Starbucks might actually start to charge me rent. To which pals quickly offered location suggestions so I could spread my loitering around. :) Thanks, guys!

Favorite Quotes from friends on Facebook this week:

from Laura M to me: "You can do it! Search for the spa at the end of the tunnel."

from Anna E in her profile update:

"intergalactic war has broken out, I'm being tailed by two alien fighters with lasers and my shields are down!!!" Followed by this in comments: "all while making spaghetti".

And an old one that I love... I was lamenting that I hadn't checked the care instructions on a blanket and had inadvertently washed it when it should've been dry-cleaned. To which Jennifer PJ (who is always hilarious) said she doesn't worry about care labels. "[If washing/drying doesn't work out]...barbie can have it." Gotta love her!


  1. Yikes, what's up with all the font changes? It so did not look that way in the preview window.

    Sometimes, I feel in control of technology, but many times...not so much!

  2. Yeah technology hates me...and I love pictures of Mr Cavill so yummy!!

  3. Great pics. Any word on the next book?

  4. Hey Kimberly!

    Mr. Cavill is very very yummy. I could look at that man all day! I sent out an email to my girls after your "phone conference" with us bham girls that had pics of him as Bryn. He's perfect. Hope things are going well on the next book. Really looking forward to reading it!

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