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Monday, January 4, 2010
Happy New Year!
Happy 2010!

Last year, I decided not to make any New Year's Resolutions. After all, I was working and had two book releases scheduled and so much to do...but this year I'm thinking taking a good life and making it better is a great idea.

Kimber's New Year's Resolutions

1.) Return to regular exercise

2.) Eat more fresh produce and more organic foods

3.) Have even more fun with writing
(By: completing Halfway Hexed and brainstorming new stories)

4.) Connect more often with friends, family, and readers

So, what about you? Any new year's resolutions?


  1. This year I would like to get out of debt, excluding my house. Also, try and get those birthday cards in the mail - on time!

  2. Those are great goals!

    I actually have a few Happy New Year! cards to send out because I ran out of steam on the doing Xmas cards. I love snailmail, but sometimes, I fall behind on it, too. :)

  3. Well this year is going to consit of me getting off my *** and being the witch that I should be instead of excuse the pun but a would be witch lol. With all of the things that happen in 09 not limited to me attempting to take my own life I have come to terms with what I need to do. So with all of the land that we have at our new place I will be hosting public gatherings and circle (for the new moon and full moons also known as esbats) I am also going to be doing a lot of rereading. And healthly eatting. and ick working out. I still cant wait till it starts warming up here in Florida!!!

  4. Ever -

    It sounds like '09 was a truly rough year for you. I'm wishing you a peaceful and happy 2010 with lots of gatherings under the moon with other like-minded witches. :)


  5. So far, the only resolution I've made was to wear more of my costume elements as real clothing. To start, I'm wearing my Victorian walking boots at work today. :-D

  6. T -

    Victorian walking boots at work. I love that. A little of the old with a bit of the high-tech new! Very cool. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing Kimberly! I'm happy about your writing goals!! Instead of goals I have a word of the year, which this year is Enough. As in enough stuff, enough health, enough worth. I love interior design, so I will never think I have enough home improvements, but it's a start to at least remind myself that my life has enough of everything I need. Can't wait to hear more about our beloved Tammy Jo!

  8. Tiffany -

    What a great perspective... thinking about all that is right in one's life. I should definitely spend more time dwelling on all that's right in the world. :)

  9. Everything I did last year, but more and better.

  10. Marshall,

    You must have done a great job then! Well done, you. :)

  11. Resolutions: Exercise a lot more.
    Eat healthier food.
    Get back into music for my voice.

  12. Laura:

    "Get back into music for my voice."

    Tell me about that resolution. Were you a singer?

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