Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Big D

So I recently had a jam-packed visit to Dallas, Texas. I stayed with some friends of mine who are fantastic hosts, the kind of people who make a houseguest feel as though she'd like to move in. ;) (Thanks, Larry & Jane!)

In addition to visiting my friends, I spoke to a creative writing class at a Dallas high school, which I think was as energizing for me as it was for the kids. I also had lunch with a friend who's an aspiring author.

This is Peaches, the FreshFiction mascot.

Also while in Dallas, I visited a FreshFiction readers' tea as a guest author. They are a fabulous group of women who read tons and have wonderful and entertaining insights on lots of topics, not just books. They make me wish I lived in Dallas, so I could become a regular reader member.

Overall, January's been terrific for connecting with old friends and making new ones.

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drgngirl said...

I see this view every day, but you captured it so nicely...I am a transplant to Texas and though from a much smaller town The Big D is growing on me...

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