Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spotted: Tink in Captivity

Spotted: One of the minor fae in captivity.

This young faery, who sometimes goes by the name Tinker Bell, was seen trying to get out into the rain. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, she reported: "For the record, faeries do not live in townhouses, bungalows, and especially not skyscrapers in congested cities. True fae, in fact, do not live indoors at all, only underhill, and [she] was just coming inside for some honey and cookies when an annoying human closed a window."

Hmm, sorry about that, and about occasionally misrepresenting the fae in books. It's just that research is tough because our paths don't cross all that often when creatures of the twilight live outdoors and most human authors do not. (The good news is that my backyard looks more wild every day, so I should have some wee folk out there soon to interview for research purposes.)

Hope everyone's doing great this week, and I wonder: Do you have a favorite fae legend?


spacedkane said...

Favorite legend (not sure if it's fae or not) is "the smooth lipped one". Everyone is born immortal fairies but some have the curiosity to try life as a mortal. For those who want to leave the immortal realm and come to earth they have to pass through a protected cavern.

The guardian to the cavern holds each individual for a moment before they pass through the portal. The angel puts a finger to the "soon-to-be-mortals" lips (creating the bow/dip in our top lip) and whispers "shhh don't tell what you know".

We arrive clueless, not remembering our time with the fae. However once in a while a fairy slips past the angel and lives among us. They can be distinguished by their smooth upper lip. They are watchers/protectors and battle evil on earth for us all.

Kimberly Frost said...

That's a great legend. I haven't read that one!

It's interesting because it mixes fairies and angels and involves fairies protecting people. A lot of the old legends are pretty gruesome, meant to be cautionary tales I think, advising people to be vigilant not to attract fae attention because of the terrible consequences that may entail.

spacedkane said...

I have been looking at people's upper lips since I was in high school and heard it. I freaked out when I ran across a guy with a "smooth upper lip" turns out he had a cleft lip when he was born and surgery fixed it but it was smooth. He enjoyed the story

Kimberly Frost said...

Cool. :)

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