Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rocking Parapalooza Day 2

Wow. You guys ROCKED again today, and there's so much I want to say that I have to do an entire post in between the posts.

Okay, first off, so many people wanted to help other people. I love that. You guys are awesome!

Now to Robert, whom I believe said he'll "maybe put someone else in charge. Cats, I think." I wanted to let you know that I believe the cats are already secretly in charge. I checked with Mercutio, and he confirmed it. (Also, this topic of cats ruling the world will be covered a bit more in a later post when I giveaway a book by my friend Kelly McCullough somewhere around Parapalooza Day 4.)

Also, Mercutio approved of the icon of Calvin & Hobbs. As it turns out, RK, I am not related to Jeaniene Frost, but her books are great and I think she's got a great last name. ;)

Hugs back to you, Jillena (and to everyone).

To those who want the time-travel powers, I wanted to say that I want them, too. I'd use them to go back in time to steal Jamie from Claire. (Don't get me wrong. I think Claire's great. I'd love to hang out with her. But the minute she left the room, I'd spike Jamie's whiskey and into a magical duffel bag he goes. C'mon who's with me?)

Other great comments... reading minds to win at poker --LOL Excellent. Wanting to be called "The Asthma Witch" while healing people -- fantastic.

To Nancy who wants to catch Jacker the Ripper. First of all, go get him, girl. He deserves to pay. And second, I've actually got a book you'll be interested in. It's a historical paranormal by my friend Kim Lenox. I'm going to be giving it away later in the week, somewhere around Parapalooza Day 6.

To those who want to read minds. Boy, are you brave! Some people are scary. I don't want to know more about what they're thinking.

Now, it could be lack of sleep, but I actually started wanting to combine the magic powers. Like I want Sweet Vernal's pet dragon on my shoulder so the dragon can direct someone else's flying falcons to do my laundry. I want the power of persuasion so that I can bring about world peace. I want to ride a unicorn into the heart of a hurricane and cast a spell to stop it. And I'd take the power to clone myself so I could fight terrorists in one part of the world at the same time I was doing a book signing in another part. Or I'd sport a Jennifer Aniston bod while driving my hybrid Bentley that could teleport me anywhere in the world ;) ...Okay, so I'm getting carried away.

I wanted to say that I think Ally's right; working for goals makes achieving them all the sweeter, and there is usually "fine print" on magical spells--at least in my series, magic has a price (often it's funny, but sometimes it's scary.)

Anyway, thank you to EVERYONE who commented. I loved all the comments, and I'll draw a winner and post it tomorrow.

Sleep tight, parapalooza peeps!


Kayla said...

Who had won from Day 2?

Witchy Woman said...

Kayla Day 2 Winner was Brandy W.

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