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Southern Witch series Quote of the Day

"Georgia Sue's voice on the answering machine kept going. I love her dearly, but she's the sort of person who can't see why anyone would say in one sentence what could be said just as well in three." ~ Tammy Jo on her best friend.

* * *

Kim Lenox writes a historical paranormal series set in Victorian times, and I swear that when you read her books, you'll feel like you're there. In Night Falls Darkly, the first in her Shadow Guard series, the powerful immortal hunters are on the trail of Jack the Ripper, and Kim creates a very interesting explanation for why the Ripper might have disappeared without a trace. As a reader, I really love when an author bends reality to create something original and fresh for me to think about.

I recently asked Kim what her most creative solution to writer's block is, and here's what she had to say:

"My most creative solution for writer's block while writing So Still the Night was to pull out my publisher contracts and emails from readers who had enjoyed Night Falls Darkly. They gave me the mental and emotional boost I needed to get back in the saddle, and give my very best, most enthusiastic effort." ~ Kim Lenox

I thought this was very clever of Kim--to look at the physical reminders of what we as authors promise. We've promised our publishers that we'll turn in a book, and if we've promised our readers an entertaining read. It's always good to remember what we're trying to do as we try to do it. ;)

Although her novels have a darker tone, I feel compelled to point out that Kim has a wonderful sense of humor. When she first got her cover for Night Falls Darkly, she sent it out to our local writing chapter's loop with a note that said something like, "Boy that wind in London is something. It blew the buttons right off Archer's shirt." LOL I just adore Kim and her books, and I bet you will too!

Visit Kim at:

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In this installment of Kerrelyn's Love at Stakes series, a vampire with a temper has to go to anger management classes. (Hee hee hee.)

Vanda the vampire never expects a mortal to be able to handle her, but sexy Phil Jones has a secret. As a shape-shifter, he can hold his own against just about anyone. When these two face off, the sparks fly. If you haven't seen the book trailer for this novel, go to Kerrelyn's home page now and click on the first trailer to watch it. It's great!

I also couldn't resist putting in this photo (that I snagged from Kim Lenox's blog) of Kerrelyn in a purple hat at a reader tea/book signing event. I love it. The look is sort of "lovely creative genius meets the Count of Monte Cristo," and like most things, Kerrelyn pulls it off brilliantly.

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I think you can tell from the posts I've written this week that I value my friendships with the wonderful writers that I've been fortunate enough to meet so far in my career. It's what inspired the idea for this big contest giveaway, and it's what inspired today's question.

If you'd like to win signed copies of Barely Bewitched, Night Falls Darkly by Kim Lenox, and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks, please drop by in the comments and answer the following question:

1.) What character from a book or movie would you like to be friends with and why?


Chelsea B. said...

Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic (book or movie:) Because 1-She loves shopping;) and 2-She reminds me of my best friend in real life, who I would never trade for another :)

I'm lovin' your contests and questions! Especially all the Kerrelyn Sparks books your giving away! :)

donnas said...

Eve Dallas from the In Death series. She just seems like a great character to be friends with. She really cares about those she knows and does anything to help them even if its something she hates. Someone willing to do anything to help a friend is a great person to know.

spacedkane said...

In the Cassie Palmer books Jack the Ripper is a vampire so I will have to check out Kim Lenox books (I hadn't heard of her before) to read her take on Jack.

I'm only up to book 5 of Kerrelyn Sparks' books (having not heard of her before this year) but I have loved all of them so far.

I feel like everyone is a winner this week whether we've won the books or just been introduced to new authors thank you.

I would like to be friends with Jimmy The Hand from Raymond Feist's books. I started reading them in high school and discovered Jimmy. I feel like I grew up with Jimmy reading all the adventures over the years with each book release. When Jimmy got married I actually felt a jealous but was happy for him because they were so good together. (Does that seem weird).

*Spoiler Alert*

When Jimmy was killed off in the books (at an advanced age after living a full life) I was crushed, heartbroken, cried and felt like I lost an actual friend.

van said...

Rose Hathaway from 'The Vampire Academy' because she is tough, funny, and caring. For example in the book she protects her friend from any danger they may encounter and would even risk her own life.

littopandaxpress (at) yahoo (dot) com

Wendy said...

Harry from the Dresden Files. He is so cool!

CrystalGB said...

Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen. She is tough and could show me all the sites where she lives in Australia.

elnice said...

I would like to be friends with Rachel in Kim Harrison's Hollows series. She is seriously kick-butt and she truely has her friends back. Not to mention there would never be a dull moment!


Blodeuedd said...

Hm, hard one, there are some really fun characters out there.
But I would love to be friends with Stepanhie Plum from Janet Evanovich's books. She is so fun

WK said...

Humm hard question, probably Ash from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter.


Nancy G said...

There are so many that would be intteresting, but I think I'd like to be friends with Kat & Bones from the Jeanienne Frost series. They just seem like they would go the extra distance for those they consider friends.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say Anita from Laurell K. Hamilton, because once you are her friend, she will move heaven & earth to help you if need be.

Crystal said...

I would most deffinately want to be friends with Glory from Jerry Bartlett's Real Vampires Have Curves. She is strong and indipendant and alot of fun!

Rebecca Sigmon said...

I'd like to be friends with Hermoine Granger (yes, I read and loved all of the Harry Potter books). I always liked her because she's smart and not afraid to show it.

Diane said...

I would probably love to be friends with Acheron from Sherrelyn Kenyon's books, even though he makes me so mad sometimes, he's still a hero.nonomo

Erin Nappier said...

I can't choose between Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the Harry Potter books. I think if you're friends with one of them you'd pretty much have to be friends with all of them.

Morning Glow said...

I would love to be friends with Allie, from Katie MacAlister's Sex and the Single Vampire. She's strong, and sometimes sarcastic, and I can totally relate. Though, I think I would end up drooling all over Christian, so maybe not..

Daelith said...

Wow you really do make me have to think about these responses.

There are so many for me.

Jack McShane from the Savannah Vampire series by Raven Hart. That vampire just seems to have trouble follow him around and I think it would be fun trying to watch him work his way out of his situations.

Valerian the vampire from Time Without End because he can time travel.

Acheron - gorgeous, god-like paranormal being. Need I say more. Plus shopping with Simi would be a blast.

I don't even want to get started on dragon characters I like.

From TV - Captain Malcolm "Tight Pants" Reynolds of Firefly. I think the nick name sums up the reason. Added bonus he has a ship to fly around in.

flip said...

Paige from the Women of the Other Worlds series by Kelley Armstrong. I love her sense of humor

Jessica said...

This is definitely a hard choice, but I would have to say Howard Rourke from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. He stood by what he believed, was a creative, passionate, honest, no bull-crud kind of person.

Although, I have to admit I am sucker for Bryn Lyons, in your books. Handsome, sarcastic, strong, intelligent and magical -- what's not to enjoy?

It's fun reading everyone's answers.

tetewa said...

Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural, their HOT!

ajemian said...

Oh gosh, there are so many! I'd have to say that it would be Karma Marx in "Ghost of a Chance" by Kate Marsh (Katie MacAlister) who exorcises 'trasnsmortis anomalies', but ends up taking them all home since she can't bear to banish them to Akasha. You'd be smiling or laughing all the time. Just putting her groceries away she has imps lunging at her stealing her Ben & Jerry's, a vegetable spirit in her fridge that is thrilled she got the salad mix with the arugula in it, a Domovoi checking to be sure she got his Quaker Oats, an ancient goddess spirit who is agoraphobic & won't come out of the pantry, and a swooning imp "having a moment". What a hoot :-) I'd be thoroughly entertained just being around her. Happy Reading everyone ~~~~~ Cheryl

Tynga said...

I would like the best friend with Faythe Sanders from Shifters series because the girl is totally awesome, and I'm pretty sure you are never bored with a friend like her around.

thanks for another great giveaway!

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

Right now, I'd say Mac from Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning, since I just finished reading it and it's still on my mind.

Laura Montgomery said...

Elizabeth Bennett would be my choice. She's opinionated like me and old fashioned as well. I've always felt she was born in the wrong century

joder said...

I'd want to hang out with Stephanie Plum. She's fun, she has an exciting job, and she's around good looking guys.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Ash said...

I too would like to be friends with the trio from the Harry Potter series. Ron is so freaking funny, Harry is such a "do the right thing even if it's not the easy thing" kinda guy and Hermione is the perfect girl role model. They are such great, loyal friends. Who could ask for anything more?

Jennifer said...

Either Tammy Jo or Sookie Stackhouse...those girls keep me up nights!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be friends with Ash from sherrilyn kenyons books. Ash is a God. I'm pretty sure that would be awesome and he might be able to give me a small amount of info about my future. Also I would get to hang out with Simi!!

Lizzy said...

Hmm ok well my previous comment didn't seem to go through, but here it is

I'd love to be friends with Spike from Buffy. Obviously, not really during his evil, murdering phase. He's very snarky, and I think that would lead to hilarity and shenanigans.

Love the question!


etirv said...

Just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button so he would be my fictional character pick... reverse aging is so intriguing!


Shel said...

Well, Tammy Jo Trask, of course! She seems like she could use a halfway normal friend to sit down and talk with that she trusted. I liked the comment about being friends with Harry Dresden, too, but his friends always end up being chased too. Look at poor Waldo Butters!

jeanette8042 said...

I would love to be friends with Simi for Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series because I love how she is bubbly and quirky all the time. I would also love to witness her eating ginormous amounts of food.

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

Persephone from Linda Robertson's Vicious Circle. She's funny, caring, and would probably be a blast to hang out with.

Paula said...

I just named Jason from the Anita Blake series in my previous comment, and I'm think he'd make a fun friend, too.

Meljprincess said...

Gina Gershon in the movie, PREY FOR ROCK AND ROLL. Because she has a band and she's a tattoo artist.

Mel K.
Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

*ina* said...

Ashlyn Darrow (The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter) would be my favorite - she is so strong and does everything she can to help Maddox *sigh* thats what true love and friendship are about!

Kimberly Frost said...

Loving the answers! There are too many great characters to choose from, aren't there?

Rebecca from the Shopaholic books would be a hilarious friend, but I wouldn't want to plan any parties with her because she'd break the budget.

If I were in a fight, I'd want Anita Blake or Eve Dallas. They're so deadly capable.

If I wanted a shoulder to cry on, it'd probably be Tammy Jo because she'd make something chocolate-filled and she's comical and that would be a pick me up.

If I wanted witty company, I'd probably want Phryne Fisher from Kerry Greenwood's 1920s mystery series or Edie the ghost from my series.

If I was living in Regency England, I'd like to be a friends with Elizabeth Bennett or a heroine from one of Suzanne Enoch's novels.

If I were learning to be a witch, I would definitely want to be friends with Harry, Ron, & Hermione.

Boy, I could play this game all day. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

Speaking of friends, I had lunch today with Kim Lenox. That's right, you should visit Houston so you can have lunch with the local paranormal authors!!

Anyway, she's just finishing up the revisions on her third book in the Shadow Guard series that comes out in April. Very exciting.

Unfortunately, I couldn't resist telling her some details about HALFWAY HEXED. She said she didn't mind spoilers, but I should've resisted. There's nothing like reading it for the first time in the finished book. On the other hand, some of the new stuff is pretty cool. Is it crazy to get excited about one's own story?

katsrus said...

I would like to be friends with Precious Ramotswe from the show The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. I really feels like shes down to earth and has a great heart. And plus sometimes she seems to get into trouble too. LOL.

cait045 said...

What character from a book or movie would you like to be friends with and why?

Kisten from Kim Harrisons The Hollows Series. He is an awesome guy that is extremely sexy and confident.

lrwirum said...

I will have to go with Elena in Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series. I love her strength. :-)


Kayla Johnson said...

I would love to be friends with Alice Cullen (from the Twilight book series). She's so nice and caring, a great shopper, and a great friend to the people she cares about. She's willing to put her own life at risk for the people she loves, and gives great advice!

Kerrelyn Sparks said...

Hi Kimber!
I want to be Tammy Jo!

I had no idea that photo of me existed!! You caught me wearing my purple pimp hat!

What a great contest you're running! I can't wait to get your new book to find out what adventures Tammy Jo has next.
Hugs to you and all the readers!

Llehn said...

Hermione from Harry Potter because I can always copy off of her at conferences and she can make me a schedule to keep my life in order.

Patricia Barraclough said...

I have read NIGHT FALLS DARKLY BY Kim Lenox and it was great. Have gotten book two of the series, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.
I'm currently 3/4 of the way through WOULD-BE WITCH and really enjoying it. It is enjoyable to read something with a wry sense of humor. I am really looking forward to your future books. I bought it for the library where I work and am already thinking of the people to whom I can recommend it.
Keep up the good writing.
Will you be signing books in the San Antonio or Ft. Worth areas the first week of October? We will be there on vacation and I'd love to attend a signing.
Good luck with the release! said...

been fun readin at parapalooa!

Kimberly Frost said...

Kerrelyn -

Thanks for stopping by, and purple pimp hat?! LOL I just bet there's a story there. It's the kind of hat that could turn up in one of your books or one of mine. ;)


Pam said...

I'd love to be friends with Nancy Drew - I always wanted to be a detective from reading her books as a little girl.

melacan at hotmail dot com

Kimberly Frost said...


Thank you so much for recommending me to your friends who are readers. That's the best compliment an author can get. I am hoping to get to Dallas/Ft Worth at some point for a signing, but I haven't set down any definite plans yet.

With regards to Kim's second book, SO STILL THE NIGHT, you're going to enjoy it. I loved the chemistry between the main characters in that one.

Kimberly Frost said...

P.S. I love Katie MacAlister's books, too. I wonder if you guys have ever read any of her YA. She wrote this adorable and hilarious little book called, THEY WEAR WHAT UNDER THEIR KILTS? There is a scene in that story that had me howling with laughter.

Kayla said...

Katie MacAllister's books rock!

Danetteb said...

Glory St. Clair from Gerry Bartlett's Real Vamp series. She's a vamp who loves to show off her curves and she yummy men falling for her eventhough she has one true love.


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