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Friday, August 28, 2009
Parapalooza - Day 3 Winner

I decided that we needed more pictures of the Spike action figure, because can a paranormal blog ever have too much Spike?

Witchy Woman is our Day 3 winner. Congratulations WW!


  1. Thank you Kimberly for making my Friday a happier one. Your Parapalooza is so much fun. I've emailed you my snail mail info.
    Thanks also to all the great bloggers out there, I love reading all your comments!

  2. You're so welcome, and thank you for coming! It's been so much fun for me too!

  3. Congrats Witchy Woman

  4. Congrats Witchy Woman! :)

    I agree, there can never be enough of Spike. I have a pocket Edward (Twilight) doll myself. He likes to sleep on my cat. :D

  5. Spike!!! I totally have 2 Spike figures myself. One smaller one and a 12" really fabulously made one. Both are set up @ my workplace.

  6. Wtg, Witchy Woman!

  7. Congrats!!!
    And the doll is really great - I can't get enough of Spike *lol*

  8. Congrats Witchy Woman! And we can never have too much Spike pics, Kimberly!!! LOL!

  9. Congrats, WW!

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