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Thursday, August 27, 2009
Parapalooza - Day 2 Winner

Here's the Spike doll I told you guys about in the comments of the Day 3 post. The Spike action figure has removable goggle-glasses and comes with a kitten (remember the demon card game?), a chalice, and Giles's "Kiss the Librarian" coffee cup. The cup's filled with blood (and a cinnamon stick or something) as it was when Spike was sleeping on the couch at Giles's.

Day 2's winner is Brandy W. Congratulations Brandy!!


  1. Congrats, Brandy!

  2. Too cute. I love the coffee cup. Congrats Brandy.

  3. I love the props for the Spike doll.

    Congrats to Brandy!

  4. Congrats, Brandy!!!

  5. Wtg, Brandy!

  6. Congrats Brandy!


  7. Thank you. How cute is the Spike doll.

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