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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
It's tough to be cool when...
There has been some beautiful weather lately in Houston. So I was driving along with my convertible top down, listening to music a tad too loudly, and feeling great. Then I stopped at a light and felt sprinkles. I looked up at the clear sky, confused, then got blasted with a bit of cold water. A d#$! corporate sprinkler caught me unawares. It was watering the flowers that were planted on the divider. Now I'm all for flowers and plants, but I don't think the citizens should have to get watered with them! I am not a tulip and I have a shower that works, thanks. ;)

How was your Easter/Passover/weekend?



  1. I work in a tax office. Today is April 15th. I woke up thinking it was IMPOSSIBLE for today to be a good day. I spent the day busier than a one-legged man at a butt kicking contest.

    Exhausted, tired, (hungry as a hostage) caffeine deprived, I got off work and went to the post office.


    I looked at the box and wondered who I knew in Texas. Then I opened it. I literally had tears welling up in my eyes. Thank you sooooo much. I had thought I would get an awesome book plate to put in my book and brag to everyone that "hey look what I can do" (sorry I meant look what I got but I spent the week browsing Stewie on Madtv and love those skits)....

    yet I digress. Thank you so much Kimberly for the book, the flyers, the bookmarks...

    and Love At Stake book 1. Not only had I not read it I had not heard of the series. So after a long tax season I am looking forward in immersing myself in this new (to me) series.

    Besides it will give me something to read until *sigh* September.

    Thank you again. I belong to Paperback Swap book club and have "met" a lot of paranormal genre friends that I trade books with. When I send off books for the next month I will be able to bless other friends/members with one of the flyers or bookmarks. Words fail me trying to express gratitude for signing the flyers.

    Your book is in hot demand on that site and I know of a good home for my first copy of Tammy's story.

    Thank you for brightening what I had expected to be a long and drawn out day!

    (PS I know I posted this on your myspace comments but I wanted to make sure you read it and add this amendment:

    Regarding weather it SNOWED today here in Utah on tax day if that tells you even more how awesome that box was to get today!)

  2. I hate it when that happens!

  3. Lisa -

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hoped it would fit in your box. :)

    Kerrelyn lives here in the Houston area and I think she's wonderfully talented. She's hit the New York Times list with her past couple of books, so I'm sure that you'll enjoy her!

    Curious- I hate it when it snows in April, too! That's crazy.

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