Thursday, February 12, 2009

You know a road trip's going to be legendary when...

"Start every day with a smile and get it over with." W.C. Fields

So, I'm just back from Austin, and you know a road trip is going to be legendary when the road tries to kill you twice, but despite everything you get to hang with a friend, visit other writers, and buy treats from a silver trailer with a rotating cupcake on top.

I dragged my friend (and fabulous YA author) Tera Lynn Childs with me out of town. I went there to do a presentation for a group of writers (which was great fun, by the way) and managed to (a) blow out a tire (I swear that curb came out of nowhere!) and (b) navigate in the dark through a torrential downpour. With my windshield wipers whipping back and forth, I could barely see through the sheet of rain. It was quite scary. Luckily, Tera and I did a great job pretending that nothing was amiss while my poor convertible which was rolling on three regular wheels and a spare nearly got washed away.

Anyway, I'm safely home in Houston, and the carrot cupcake was delicious. Despite our lives being in peril, I think Tera and I would go back to Austin in a heartbeat. :)

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