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Friday, January 16, 2009
17 Days 16 Hours 24 Minutes Until WOULD-BE WITCH

Feeling Like a Real Author - Part I

Over the past few weeks, some people that I've never met have sent me e-mails through my website telling me that they've heard about the book and that they can't wait to read it. These messages make me misty-eyed with joy every time I get one. The internet continues to be an incredible tool for helping people connect. Don't we live in amazing times?

Further, aren't people amazingly generous with their good will and support for other human beings? A couple of my MySpace friends have created "widgets" that are counting down to my book release. I can't describe how warm and fuzzy (important in these times of frigid temperatures) it feels to have others celebrating this event with me. Also, the widgets allow me to cheat...sometimes people ask how long until the book comes out and I go to my friends' pages to get an exact number of days. Probably, I should have a
"Would-Be Witch Countdown" widget on my own MySpace page, but I like visiting their pages better.


  1. I'm planning on putting it on pre-order on my next Amazon order...

  2. Savor every minute of it, you only get to have a first novel coming out once. I wish you joy and splendid sales.

  3. Marshall -

    It's so great to see you. :) I'm coming to give a presentation to some writers in Austin. I'll send an e-mail in case you want to drop in. Would love to see you and hear how your writing's coming!

  4. Kelly -

    Thanks for the well wishes. I am having a good time right now, but I know that first couple weeks of February is going to be awesome.

    I really hope that our paths cross sometime in person; would love to be on a panel together at conference or something!

  5. Me too, and I expect they will at some point.

  6. I can't wait!

  7. I'd love to come see your presentation! Where and when?

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