Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Make like a pin cushion...

Hey there,

So today I went to get a TB skin test, and the nurse asked when my last tetanus shot was. It's been over ten years. Naturally, since I update practically every trauma patient that I see, I agreed to a booster myself.

And honestly the needles for the TB test and the tetanus immunizations are so small, I couldn't even feel them at the time. Afterward, however, the tetanus site feels like I slammed my shoulder into something hard enough to raise a bruise. I suppose it is better than getting tetanus though. I am very much anti-lockjaw. That smile might have worked for Heath in Batman, but us normal people not so much.

Anyway, tomorrow morning's workout should be a lot of fun. ;)

Are you due for a booster?


paul lamb said...

Not me! I got all juiced up and ready for anything when I made a trip to Africa two years ago.

Kimberly Frost said...

A trip to that's a great reason to make like a pin cushion. Was it a great trip?

Lisa Miller said...

Can you say West Nile Virus.
Squish those skeeters. DEET be our friend here in the south.
When I went to Equador, we had to get shots. It was group of science teachers from my district. We went to Quito and the Andes which look like the pictures of the Alps. Then to the Amazon River basin and jungle. I learned dehydration can be much worse than a bug bite. Lesson I haven't forgotten. But the most fun was in the Galapogos--prehistoric looking marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies (looked like their feet had been dipped in bright blue paint), sea lions, and penquins, among many other critters.
Saw you wrote about penquins. We were swimming with them in a cove. They fly through the water chasing schools of small fish. My friend got bit by one and thought it was one of the guys on the trip pinching her leg until she looked around and the penguin was the only critter around.
I'm boostered up I think but doc keeps bugging me about other tests for people my AGE.
Bah humbug.

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