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Monday, August 11, 2008
Have you kissed your vampire today?
I have met so many vampire lovers over the past couple of weeks that I feel compelled to share some advice from Dr. Blood, a noted vampire expert...

Vampires are immortal, so chances are that your vamp paramour has seen more than his/her share of history. Be sure to brush up on world history as well as vampire lore. Factoids you may want to drop to impress your vamp...

(a) Honey, did you know that Sherlock Holmes investigated an apparent vampire in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" ?

(b) Sweetheart, of course capes are always in fashion for vampires! Did you know that the trend was popularized on the stage in 1924 by Hamilton Deane?

(c) You'd rather eat cardboard than plain Quaker Oats? I'm not sure that's unique to vampires, sweetheart, but it could have its origins in the long-standing vampire aversion to them that was first noted by the Russians who scattered them on the ground to keep vamps from rising.


  1. I'm sure the stage-inspired vampire cape was a means to add an interesting prop to the interpretation of the character. The Meershaum pipe often associated with Sherlock Holmes did not, in fact, appear until some of the stories were adapted for the stage.

  2. Paul -

    thanks for that!

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