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Saturday, May 17, 2008
Welcome to the Weekend

It's gorgeous in Houston this morning! Sunny and cool. I expect it will warm up by mid-day, but I'm enjoying having the windows open for the moment.

I saw Prince Caspian last night. The effects were great and the actors beautiful, but I didn't find the story as engaging as the first Narnia. I wished I'd seen Iron Man instead, which I've heard is awesome.

What has your week been like?


  1. Hey Kim. We're talking about going to see Caspian. Seems like the overall reaction is "meh."

    Not sure what's going on this weekend… I might try cleaning out the studio so me, my dad & bro(s) will have a place to retreat & drink beer next weekend.

  2. Morning, Far and Kimber! Working my way back among the living - or the blogging, anyway! Glad the weather is nice in Kimber-land - and assuming it's the same on PG. Cool and rainy in NH, but the sun is trying to peep out.

    My sis is anxious to see PC - Kimber, do you read the books?

    I have two bottles of huckleberry riesling in my suitcase, and Nancy plans to join us in the sipping of such. Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!

    Fam in town next week, Far? Have a homebrew for me! And have fun -

  3. Beautiful day here in Kansas City. I got through the first-draft read through of the novel I finished last month. Better than I suspected, but it probably needs to stew a little longer.

    #2 Son is leaving tomorrow for a month in India (medical mission work), so my day will be in service to him (buying, fetching, finding, fixing, and so on). We put him on the place tomorrow morning, and then my weekend can begin.

  4. I'm currently congratulating myself on my MacGuyverness. The security guard at my gate informed me last night that the brake lights and backing lights on my car were not working. After cleverly deducing the problem was two burned out fuses, I switched the faulty ones with the ones that control the cigarette lighter and seat warmers. That should hold until I get around to buying replacements. But seeing as I live in Houston and am a non-smoker, there is really no rush. Now I can curl back up to Big Numbers(chapter 20 already, Kimber!)


  5. Far - LOL regarding cleaning to make a place to retreat and drink beer. You'd better get on that. I know your dad and brother don't want to sit in the broom closet with the pitchers on their laps. ;)

  6. Beth - I can't wait either! :)

  7. Paul - glad your book looks better than expected. Isn't that a nice surprise? I had the reverse of that happen to me once, and it was not fun. (ie I thought something was in good shape and then sat down and actually read it and...not so much.)

    I hope your son's trip is great. Everyone I know that has done a medical mission has had amazing experiences. And though I'm sure you'll miss him and worry about him while he's gone, you'll get to hear the amazing stories when he gets back. Maybe you'll even share a few with your blogging friends. :)

  8. Rick - You are totally MacGuyver. I wouldn't even know where to look for a car light fuses. I know this admission doesn't surprise you since it's a challenge for me to even find the door handle in your car. LOL

    Chapter 20?! You are reading machine. I look forward to hearing your impression of it. I'm only about forty pages into the sequel. I'd better get cracking!

  9. Isn't the weather great? I've got scratches all along my arms from getting the blackberries off my fence. Yum!

    My family actually left me a short time ago to see PRINCE CASPIAN, so I'll see what they thought about it!

    So back to writing ...

  10. Hey all!

    I've been outside most of the day, working on the grounds — pulling up pokeweed, stray pine trees, these weird weed trees that I don't have a name for but have long running roots, weed-eating, planting stuff, getting The Boy to do some mowing… I ate lunch around 2:30 and just now finished supper (at 9).

    I'd almost forgotten — AGAIN — my blogiversary (the third). Daughter Dearest has been playing "Through the Fire and Flames" on Guitar Hero a lot lately, so I put the original video up as a Weekend Cinema selection. The lyrics work.

    Hm. Write, or clean up the studio? Dang. Well, the booze is in the studio. Maybe I'll clean up a while — yeah, that's it — and then come back & write if my fingers will stay on the keyboard. :-D

    Yeah Beth, my family will be in next weekend. I'm taking Thursday & Friday off work (and gosh, I got Monday off too!). The homebrew is STILL fermenting, so I can't bottle it yet! Maybe I can get a bro to help next weekend.

    Kimber, we'd just drink straight from the pitchers in that case. More likely it will be cans though, so I need to have enough room so someone won't have to sit on the little fridge in there.

    Kim L - your blackberries are ripe already???? Ours get ripe July 4, and we're in the south!

  11. Iron Man is good. Haven't seen Caspian yet. Up to my eyeballs in alligators at the moment. Book going to my editor Tuesday. Book hitting the shelves a week from Tuesday. Convention Friday-Monday between. Life. Etc. Gotta go do something about the alligators now. Hope life is going well for everyone. (Waves) TTFN.

  12. Kelly: A week from Tuesday? I was wondering. I thought it was supposed to come out this month. Now that I have a release date, I can get Humpus Bumpus to order me one.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what scrapes Raven has got himself into this time…

  13. Kelly -

    Hang in there for your big week ahead, and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

    Far - How'd the family thing go? Did you have to drink the closet or did the garage work out?

  14. Kimber, it went OK. It's not clean by any measure, but it's now navigable. I can put Dad & a brother on the loveseat/mini-sofa & pull an office chair next to the fridge.

    More cleanup to come...

  15. Hey Far, Hope you enjoy it.

    Kimber, I'm definitely working on the enjoying myself part. It's all stuff I love doing, I just occasionally wish that it spread itself out a bit more.

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