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Saturday, May 10, 2008
If it's the weekend...

Whew. It's been a hectic week. And what I'd like to know is: if it's the weekend, then how come I'm so busy today? No time to post now, but I'll be back to post in the comments later.

In the meantime, how was your week?


  1. Hi, Kimber!!!

    Weekend is so much full of win. I am all over the hectic week thing and am so glad there's a bit of a respite. :)

    In case you all hadn't heard, our own Nancy P was selected as Guest of Honor for next year's Malice Domestic convention. So yay, Nancy!

    Hope everyone is doing well and has a fabulous weekend!

  2. One day followed another through the work week. Boring, droning, monotonous work-a-day week. But here is the weekend! Lotsa obligations (including a certain celebration on Sunday), but somehow it seems freer.

  3. Hi Maria,

    That is awesome news about Nancy and Malice. So exciting. I hope you're writing's going well and that you're getting a little rest this weekend.

  4. Paul,

    Perception is everything. So if it seems freer, then it is! Sorry the work week was boring, but the great news is that when you write, you can have any non-boring thing you want happen. So get to that keyboard and escape. ;)

  5. Jeez, I wish Nancy would have posted to tell us about it herself!

    Kimber, I saw you'd posted this morning, but this is the first chance I've gotten to pop in. That should give you an idea how busy my day has been. At this point, I'm not sure if we'll have an M-day celebration or not… Mrs. Fetched took her mom to the hospital this afternoon.

    Work was the usual. Some fun, some monotony, much just not being where I wanted to be. I did take a side trip on the way home from work yesterday, though.

  6. Far-

    I hope your mom-in-law is okay!

  7. She'll be OK, I think she's coming home today. There's a respiratory thing going around here, and she has asthma, so that was a double-whammy.

    Thanks! BTW, we got t-storms here last night but nothing horrendous.

  8. (delurks) hi! (waves) v. busy, but still alive. (relurks)

  9. Hey, Kelly -

    good to see you. I know from the busy. Will see you when you can delurk for a little longer. ;)

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