Saturday, April 5, 2008

A book is built...

This past week, I got an e-mail from my editor at Berkley asking me to look over the draft of the "cover copy" for Would-be Witch. What is cover copy, some of you might be wondering. Well, it's the text that goes on the front cover, back cover, inside cover, etc.

I printed out the file and was a bit awestruck. Holy cow! This is the cover text for my book! My book is really being published and people wholly unknown to me have read it and are working on turning my unbound pages into something that will be on the shelves and tables of the bookstores that I frequent. It was SO surreal, and better than Xmas, better than my birthday, just plain better than most moments in life.

Welcome to the weekend & see you in the comments!


paul lamb said...

I remember feeling that way the first time I saw one of my articles in print. I suppose I could say it's never the same as your first time, but that might be a little off color for this PG-rated blog, right?

Your book is still about a year out, isn't it?

Maria Lima said...

Kimber, w00t!! Seeing your cover is such a cool feeling. I just saw the cover for Blood Bargain this week, so I know how you feel. :)

And along that same vein...the book is DONE!! Turning it in today.

Now it's off to write my essay for the sekrit project (which I hope I can reveal soon).

Have a great weekend, all!

Kimberly Frost said...


LOL regarding the off-color humor, but I think you can definitely get away with it, even in my PG-rated blog.

Glad you survived the holiday travels and hope you're finding plenty of time for your writing. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

Maria -

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing you new book. That's awesome. I hope you did something to celebrate. I'm big into celebrating. ;)

Looking forward to hearing about the secret new project.

Kimberly Frost said...

Oops. Yes, Paul. My book's still 10 months away.

(Is it too soon to start counting down the days? LOL. Okay, I'll stick to months for now.)

paul lamb said...

It's not too early to start counting. I just wanted to make sure I remember it correctly.

I'll be sure to buy (and read) a copy.

AndiF said...

Happy counting down till the book comes out. My counting down is a lot shorter -- Beth is coming to stay at my place this afternoon. w00t. A nice taste of what it will be like when I get to meet all of you in May.

Nothing is green here yet but with all the rain everything has been plenty wet.



Kimberly Frost said...

Paul- thanks! :)

Andi - Have fun with Beth & tell her I said hello. I hope her travels are going great and that you guys have a wonderful time. (Beautiful pics as always.) :)

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