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Saturday, March 8, 2008
The coffee's on...

Nancy Pickard hosts the friendliest blog and has created a terrific community at

They helped me cyber-celebrate finishing the draft of my book. But for the moment, the porchlight's off at Nancy's while she works diligently on her book. Until then, on weekends this space is for her people (and any of my peeps who want to join in.)


  1. Thanks for the invite, Kimberly, I just poured myself some coffee, then my blog crashed, and there's a blizzard outside. How are you on this fine Saturday morning? :)

  2. Ahhhh, coffee. You got a kitchen here, Kim? I'll get the cinnamon rolls going!

  3. Thanks, Kimber! Posting up at my place, directing everyone here.

    40mph winds outside, but sunny and 65. Sorry about the blizzard, Jen, and yay for cinnamon rolls. Waiting for my fam to get up so we can have breakfast.

    And CONGRATS on the pub date, finally!! I do hope you have your autographing pen ready...

    Happy Saturday, everyone!

  4. OMG!!! Did you just use the word peeps in sentence?? Wow, you are so hood!


  5. Thanks, Kimber, and good morning all!

    I was a slugabed this a.m. and didn't get up until nearly 9.

    It's another day of dreary rain today, but I'm home and going nowhwere, so I'm good with that.

    ::raises a virtual toast to the gang::

    Cheers, all!

  6. I'll just brew up a pot of Empire Keemun and then head out the door with a croissant because I've got a busy day ahead of me. Thanks for throwing the doors open.

  7. Hi guys:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back. I had a writer's meeting today, then went to lunch and when I got home I was so exhausted that I crashed and just woke up now. :)

  8. Jen - what's with this weather? No blizzards here, but a friend who lives in Bryan, Texas reported there was snow there. That's unusual for us. And it was quite cold this morning.

    Far - I have a kitchen and love cinnamon rolls.

    Rick - LOL. I AM from the hood. Detroit, baby. ;) Well, I was there until I was 4 years old when we moved to suburbs.

    Maria - I so envy you. Not up until 9 am? Maybe tomorrow I can sleep in that late.

  9. Beth - Thank you!

    40 mph winds?! Yikes. Are the trees falling down?

  10. Lots of palm fronds and branches, but no big trees that I've heard about. Crazy weekend! 70 Thursday night - 42 tonight. But no snow!

    I'm watching Duke and UNC - best game of the year!!

  11. Beth -

    I haven't really followed sports since college. Though a lot of times if I'm at my parents' place for the holidays, I watch football all day on with my dad on New Year's Day.

    I do understand the game, but I spend a lot of the commercial breaks having him fill me in on the players and what their records are and what the season was like. LOL I don't know why he puts up with me, but he always seems to like it when I hang out that way.

  12. I think that's how I became such a huge sports fan. My dad had 2 girls, so I watched games with him. My sis married a baseball fan, so she's learned that sport.

    I'm sure your dad loves the company and the interest. I never tire of teaching someone about sports if they're truly interested.

    Good for you to spend time with him like that! There are worse ways...

  13. It's great that you bonded with your dad through sports and that your sister and her husband can share a love of baseball now.

    My best friend as a kid used to get obsessed with certain sports and I would get roped into the obsession since we were always together/talking. So I have weird and specific knowledge of certain teams/players/etc. for certain time periods.

    Luckily, of my dad's two sons, one of them loves sports as much as he does. My youngest brother is like me. He likes books and movies. He's also into pool and poker though, and I wish I had his skills, but don't.

  14. Maybe he'd teach you. A knowledge of pool often comes in handy, since guys don't expect women to know how to play and it's fun to beat them and watch the expressions on their faces. :-)

    I always thought I'd be a great wife, since I love sports so much. So far that hasn't worked...though I'm still optimistic!

    You're lucky to have brothers.

  15. LOL. I would love to be a pool shark. And my dad's a pool player, too. We grew up with a pool table in our basement. My brother, Vincent, has a gorgeous one now. My difficulty is that I'm so type A, that if I do something, I have to do it well. To be a great pool player would take so much practice; I can't be away from my writing that long. ;)

    You'll make someone a great wife!

    Yes, I do feel lucky to have brothers because I got two great ones. I know not everyone wins in the family lottery, so I feel fortunate.

    Today the speaker at the writing thing was talking about using emotions from her past/dysfunctional family to infuse emotion onto the page. I was thinking: "maybe this is why I write about stuff that's so fantastical, witches & vampires & all that. I wasn't lucky enough to have a horrible childhood." ;)

  16. You WERE very lucky! I'm glad you write fantasy, for those of us who have no clue how to create worlds like that! My family was on the opposite end of the spectrum (though not nearly as bad as many), so I'm trying to learn to channel that stuff into my writing in a positive way. I wish I could have attended your writing thing today.

    I have a great sis, so I'm lucky there. And my dad was the best.

    Luckily I learned to play pool when I was in 6th grade, before my "type A I must be perfect" genes kicked in. :-) I don't play enough any more, but now and then I grab a cue and make a decent shot, and just love the reaction.

    Thanks'll happen when it's supposed to. I continue to be optimistic.

    My team is coming back!

  17. Thanks for chatting, Kimberly - my team lost, but I like both, so it's all good. And it was a great game! Bedtime...hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  18. (waving) Hi Kimberly! I think I'm back. How are you? And everyone?

  19. Hi kb! I left a message earlier, then got distracted by other calls and basketball and writing. I'll talk to you tomorrow, promise! Hope you had a good Saturday -

  20. Hi Beth, I did have a good day. I've got a meeting at noon-ish but I should be free after about 3pm.

  21. I'm glad, kb! Hope you enjoy your meeting, and I'll talk to you tomorrow afternoon.

  22. Hi Katiebird - Sorry you've been down lately. It's good to see you!

  23. Thanks Kimberly! I'm glad to be back.

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