Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dinner with Liz

My friend, Elizabeth, is one of those remarkable women. She's smart and funny, tells a good story, has a good heart. She's a doctor, not a writer. She chooses excellent restaurants, hotels, and books. We had dinner last night at Nino's in Houston. We sat at the bar, had wine, dinner, coffee, and caught up.

She's the person who recommended A Confederacy of Dunces to me, unique in its story...both the fictional tale on the pages and in the way it got published and went on to win the Pulitzer. The author, whose manuscript everyone had rejected, killed himself. His elderly mother shopped it around. What a loss it would have been if that novel had never seen print.

Liz and I have been in the trenches together and we've fought for things that called for it. We've stayed in a W when it first opened and had drinks in the old hotel where they filmed Pretty Baby. She always seems to know where to go. Everyone needs a friend like Liz.


Crystal said...

Sounds like you two have a good relationship, and I agree that everyone should have a friend like that;o) Have a good Wednesday!

Kimberly Frost said...

Hi Crystal!

It was a good Wednesday. I had to get up early, but I had time to crash in the middle of the day and that's always great.

I'm popping over to your blog, too.

Crystal said...

So...What did we do for Valentines Day???? I jumped the kids and stole all their chocolate...LOL! Hope you did something FUN tonight!!

Kimberly Frost said...

Valentine's Day is a blur. I was taken out to lunch. I did eat some chocolates. I do have some fresh cut lilies in my room.

Mostly, I was embroiled in brainstorming and that finally went very well. :)

Crystal said...

Oh I LOVE Lillies! They are so pretty aren't they? Yeah, I just sat around the house and harassed the kids and took THEIR chocolate;)

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