Thursday, February 7, 2008

Across the Universe

Not since Buffy the Musical, have I seen an edgy and hip musical. Across the Universe has the added advantage of being poignant without being sappy and having a killer soundtrack. Thanks to my friend Jason for playing the music in his car, prompting me to ask, "What's this?" And more recently to the British stationery shop owner who had it playing in the store on the day that rain forced me to visit. I might have forgotten to put it in the Netflix queue if not for him.

Yeah, the universe conspired to help me see this flick, and it was a job well done. What music or movie have you loved lately?


Crystal said...

The music I just recently heard was Carrie Underwood's new CD that was my daughters. It has some really powerful songs, you know, the songs that you can't help but crank all the way up and then get goose bumps because the song has that powerful of a meaning to it? Movies? I would have to say I loved the BraveHeart Soundtrack. I LOVE listening to the London Symphony Orchestra! Such beautiful music! Have a good Friday!

Kimberly Frost said...

I really like Carrie Underwood's music, too. And my super talented friend, Roman White, has actually directed all her videos. He is amazing.

Nancy P said...

Oh, I really want to see that. Thanks for the rec.

I like C.U.'s music, too. Which is funny, because I was never very impressed with her when she was on American Idol.

A good movie? Have you seen Into the Wild?

Kimberly Frost said...

Nancy, I've added that to my queue. It looks like my kind of movie.

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