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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
The Illusionist

I just saw The Illusionist and enjoyed it so much. Norton is always an amazing talent, but in this guise I found him especially riveting. The rest of the cast also does a compelling job. If you like suspense and a good emotional ride, consider this historical romantic thriller for an excellent bit of entertainment.


  1. Girl! You have good taste as well because I can watch this movie OVER AND OVER!! Good one! Have a good day!

  2. But, Norton does have a nasty little habit:

    He rewrites his writers and takes screenplay credit.

    Many writers don't like submitting scripts to him because of this.

    Just something to note.

    By the way, I did like "the Illusionist" and most of his other films.

  3. What? I had no idea. That does change my perspective on him completely.

    Further, I hate that practice of the studio or whoever bringing in a screenwriter du jour and the guy who does the biggest revision can take credit for the original work of someone else. Makes me glad I'm a novelist.

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