Saturday, December 15, 2007

Would a grapefruit by any other name...

Okay, first of all, who named grapefruit? They taste nothing like grapes. It was probably a plot by the Vikings or someone, like the naming of Greenland when the place was a frozen tundra. (See helpful photo illustration. Yeah, it's pretty. But would you call it green?)

So I'm over at my friend Nancy Pickard's blog, and Farfetched says he's drinking rum and grapefruit juice, which triggers a shudder from me and the following response:

Far -

Grapefruit juice? Are you out of everything else? (Including your mind)

I was at a friend's a couple days ago, and he got a whole crate of grapefruit from a client who's involved somehow in the grapefruit-growing industry. (Poor guy)

So my friend cuts me a grapefruit for breakfast. My first response was, "Are we on a diet? And will it really last long enough to get through a whole crate of grapefruit?"

And he was like... "This is exceptional grapefruit. Just try it."

Which for some reason I did.

"Isn't that sweet?" he said.

"Compared to what? Lemons?"

Yeah, so it turns out that the best grapefruit in the world is still not an orange. And if you really feel the need to contaminate a perfectly good glass of rum with its juice couldn't you just lie and tell us you used pineapple juice? What's the point of being on the internet if we can't lie to each other?


Anonymous said...

Obviously you've never had a GOOD grapefruit! :-)

Here's a comedy piece about grapefruit, but I don't know how to do a link in comments:

My father would say, that just means more grapefruit for the rest of us.

Kimberly Frost said...


LOL. Fair enough.

DennisB said...

Down in the Rio Grande Valley, they make the best grapefruit. The Texas Ruby Red is excellent. It is very sweet. Of course, that's in comparision to other grapefruit.

And no where near as sweet as the Texas oranges. From where I am up here in Virginia that memory of sweetness is all I have to go on.

And I can't eat any grapefruit because of the medication I am on - so that makes the memory that much sweeter.


Kimberly Frost said...


It's great to see you. I'm assuming this is my buddy, WRW Dennis. I hope everything's going well! Your daughter's probably home for the holidays from school. I hope you have a nice visit.

Yeah, I'm maybe a little spoiled with regard to the fabulous fruit selection in Texas. In summer the strawberries are fist-sized. It's crazy. Our flower shipments from Central America are great too.

Even when I was in Michigan at Thanksgiving though I was eating little Clementine oranges which were amazing, sweet & cute. And I guess that raised my winter fruit expectations. ;)

dennisb said...


Yep, it's me from WRW.

My daughter is still there in Houston and I sent my other one to join her to celebrate Christmas with their mom (she - my ex - works at Methodist Hospital - I think as a nurse practitioner there).

I hope you have a great Holiday and have some time to relax.


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