Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Reading

I just finished Sharie Kohler's debut paranormal romance, Marked by Moonlight, and would definitely recommend it. She deftly combines a number of terrific elements including sexy chemistry between the hero and heroine, life-threatening conflict, emotional depth and mystery.

If you're a fan of werewolf stories, this one should not be missed.

(Sharie Kohler also writes historicals as Sophie Jordan, which is how I was first introduced to this author's wonderful writing.)


Nancy P said...

Ooo, werewolf stories!

Happy New Year, Kimberly. Are you going to howl?

Crystal said...

Girl! First Webmage now werewolves! I'm saving you to my blog roll! I haven't read this book but I love me a good werewolf book!

Crystal said...

Girl, I just went to the bookstore and got this book! Thanks for mentioning it in your post, I never would have seen it or known to look for it if you hadn't! They only had one left so I snatched it.

Have a good weekend;)

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