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Monday, November 12, 2007
I constantly see little people, that is children, with fevers of 103 who run around playing. So then why am I barely able to get vertical with a temperature of a mere 99.9? Are they mutants?

Anyway, from the land of fevers and chills, I'm happy to report that I'm safely burrowed under the covers watching Horatio Hornblower. Thank goodness that A&E's series are available on DVD.

Wonderful speaker, Sharon Sala, said over the weekend that she dreams all her books. Maybe somewhere in this place of semi-consciousness, I'll find NYT best-selling plot twists...


  1. Sorry you're sick, Kimber. Hope the nasty bug leaves you alone soon! Enjoy those covers.

  2. hope you're better soon!

    check my friend Barat's blog (link from mine) for her story of sickness in her household this weekend. hint: be glad you don't have those little "mutants" in your house while you're sick.

  3. THERE you are! I've been wondering, and also hoping your absence didn't mean you're sick. :(

    Consider yourself missed AND lavished with sympathy.

  4. Thanks all, I'm recovered!

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